Vaping Triggers Heart Attacks and Stokes – Reprise

Electronic cigarettes, promoted as safer than tobacco cigarettes, seem to trigger heart attacks and strokes. This is the conclusion of a research from the University of Kansas that studied almost 100,000 Americans. It was recently presented at this year's meeting of the American College of Cardiology.

Those who vape are 56% more likely to have a heart attack, 30% more likely to suffer a stroke, and 55% more likely to be depressed or at least anxious. Electronic cigarettes also expose users to as much or more nicotine than highly addictive drugs compared to conventional cigarettes.

Proponents of vaping claim that users of electronic cigarettes can avoid the carcinogenic tars of tobacco. Studies now show that flavorings added to liquid nicotine are toxic and carcinogenic.

Worse, the manufacturers of the nearly 500 brands of electronic cigarettes follow the evil playbook of tobacco companies and market these devices for children and teenagers. The conclusion is that everything that is put in the mouth and that has smoke coming from it is dangerous.

American College of Cardiology. "Electronic cigarettes linked to heart attacks, coronary artery disease and depression: the data reveals the cost of vaping; researchers say switching to electronic cigarettes does not eliminate health risks." Daily Science ScienceDaily, March 7, 2019.

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Video credits to HOWARD G. SMITH MD YouTube channel

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Vaping Triggers Heart Attacks and Stokes – Reprise

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  1. You want facts?
    1300 people die everyday from smoking in America. Every day!
    Equivalent to 5plain craches every day.
    Most people simply can't quit.
    Traditional quiting methode isn't working. Only 7% is smoke free after a year.
    Vaping is the best and fasted way to quit smoking.
    Vaping proven by the best doctors and professors in the world saying it's at least 95%safer than smoking. Period.
    All about harm reduction.

    Vaping is more than 10 years on the market with no illness.
    Now a outbreak only in America.
    Ellegal streetvape with vitamine E acitate is making people sick.
    Do your homework.
    Give me one good study that vaping damage the lungs .1☝️
    Let me help you.
    And remember these are real experts.
    Studying vaping and tabacco for years.
    So not quit or die.
    A alternative to get away from the deadly cigarettes.
    If you look all the video's you understand wy there are 41million vapers in the world.
    The probably have a long happy life.
    Greetings a 3 year healthy vaper from the Netherlands.

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