Triggers & Emotional Flashbacks

Triggers and emotional flashbacks are part of the trauma-based symptoms caused by the abuse. In fact, triggers cause flashbacks. If you have PTSD or PTSD, you are likely to experience emotional retrospectives. I explain what triggers are, how they cause a setback, what happens when we are in an emotional setback, as well as the tricks and tips I have tried to help reduce setbacks, overcome them and prevent them from happening.

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Green Healing's mission is to share knowledge about abuse and alternative and natural methods to heal the mind and body. Knowledge plays an important role in understanding and, therefore, in healing. Through my own personal experience, I have been able to take advantage of the innermost functioning of my mind and body through knowledge, natural and alternative forms of therapy and medicine. Therefore, I have cured depression, most of my PTSD, and I am also working to overcome other ailments. I hope that by sharing I can help you find your way to emotional freedom too.

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Triggers & Emotional Flashbacks

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  1. I have many, and sometimes if I am triggered I can see the black curtain come down in front of my face and go from feeling ok enough to very bad depression. Can happen in 15 seconds. The last 2 times were with my psychologist and my Occupational Therapist. Crashed right inside in 15 to 30 seconds.

    I have gone thru life alone and get ticked off when men have nice partners and treat them like crap and then move on. I want to grab them and smash them. I have no been lucky enough to have someone care. Not that it matters I guess because everyone I start to care about leaves.

    Mind you right now I am up to 1 mood disorder, 1 personality disorder, one anxiety disorder and PTSD plus I also think C-PTSD. Oh joy.

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