‘The Taxman‘ Brian Cockerill Tells His Story.

James English, The Anything Goes Show Ep79.

The history of the tax collector.

Brian Cockerill was one of the most feared men in the United Kingdom.

He spent years working as a tax collector and had more than 1000 violent street fights in a career that lasted almost 30 years.

Brian was a mountain of 24 stone men who didn't let anything or anyone get in his way.

Brian has claimed to have lost more than 20 friends for murder and has been charged with countless crimes for murder and also charged with attempted murder of 2 police officers.

But a life of operating in the criminal underworld took a toll on Brian, and he ended up resorting to hard drugs like crack cocaine to self-medicate, leaving him struggling with severe depression.

The link to Brian's book

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‘The Taxman‘ Brian Cockerill Tells His Story.

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  1. Brian reckons he used to spar mike tyson for his big fights , Mike's trainer Anglo would ask brain to take it easy on mike.

  2. Brilliant i purchased the taxman book a few back excellent read and i watched the mcintyres underworld the doc doesnt do him justice the book is brilliant read people are so quick to judge on the that someone does but never focus on the good there are a lot of comments on here that make me laugh by people who would never say it to this mans face if u was from his area yea u would be afraid of him u may even be one of the people who talk shit about him how many of u would have stuck to ur morale high ground if he offered u help to recover your stolen goods??? Least this man is sayn look i have been there done it bought the t shirt and is trying to deter our youngsters from pursuing the same lifestyle i think he deserves admiration everyone can change. I kno people who wouldnt admit to having a drug problem or their missis walking out due to having such high opinions of themselves i found this very honest down to earth and refreshing.

  3. Mind blowing. Such a powerful interview. I agree with a lot of the stuff he is talking about with regards to changing your own mind and that being a good place to start changing your life. People can and do change, even with such odds against them.

  4. wot a wanker bragging about taxing drug dealers and saying hes had over 1000 fights…..I live near him hes a plant pot who had a crack habit and was going about robbing young kids who were teenagers selling weed he is NOT a big hitter and would not dare fight anyone who could fight. Lee Duffy battered him that bad he ended up his mate. he beats his wife and borrows money off neighbours he is the classic village idiot who rom what we all know was even giving police information about dealers in the area hes a waster on benefits claiming DLA who picks his fights. Paddy Conroy would smoke his boots.

  5. He is a joke a comedy imagine him in London Liverpool Birmingham etc he would of been dead years ago that's why he survived coz of were he was from

  6. Apparently he’s worlds best under water wood welder! He doesn’t even use scuba gear he just holds his breath. Legend!

  7. Didn’t know about the crack bit, old Brian would ov no doubt terrorised the dealers and addicts back then, I’ve met and known LOADS of taxmen/bullies/guys who thought they could have a dabble but were different’ or ‘better’ than the rest. It’s proper bullshit, but very prevalent. Work all week, stay up on Coke……then later in the night switch to crack……..but still think they’re” not like them”.
    Only ten minutes in but seems Brian has come down to Earth and had a look at himself and his actions………and for that……..Fair Play👊🏻

  8. Great interview James
    I did watch the documentary of the taxman, and thought then what a idiot.
    But now he seems a totally different man and is more settled in his own life , good on him

  9. Thanks James. Great interview. "There's no Saint without a past and no sinner without a future." Respect from Ireland.💚

  10. Watched a Lee Duffy documentary on Amazon and there's a story of a guy dowsing him in petrol in a pub and he quickly ran outside stripped his clothes off and ran back in to attack the guy.

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