Recovering From Depression

“Depression taught me the importance of compassion and hard work, and that you can overcome enormous obstacles.”

– Rob Delaney

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True, recovering from depression might take so much time that you start to think it is not possible. Do not give up you can recover, it just takes dedication and hardwork on your part to overcome it. This section discusses the different treatment options you have and more importantly how to set a strong will that will help you remain on your path to recovery no matter what 

Your strong will to get better is the right foundation for your life long journey towards recovery from the depths of depression. Learn how you can set a resolve that will not only withstand challenges you will face but also inspire your recovery. Click here to get started

Treating major depression comes with a prescription of antidepressants. Improve your basic knowledge about this major treatment course and more here

Battling with depression for some time? No doubt the term ‘’TMS’’ would not be new to you. This section briefly looks at this mode of treatment and RTMS a somewhat similar treatment. Click here to learn more

Psychotherapy has helped quite a lot of people. It would no doubt help you too especially if you feel too overwhelmed with symptoms you are experiencing. Learn more about how you can benefit from psychotherapy and more on this topic. Read on

Learn about some of the supplements and natural remedies that have been used to relieve depression symptoms and improve mood. Continue here

This brief is short summary directly aimed at the most important points you need to know about ECT. Read on

There are, however, times when a person who is severely depressed or anxious should consider committing himself to a hospital ward for a period of time. Learn more 

Books For You

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Art Therapies In The Treatment Of Depression
Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression (Counselling in Practice series)
Psychotherapy And Counselling For Depression
CBT WITH DEPRESSED ADOLESCENTS (Cbt With Children, Adolescents and Families)_001
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Children and Young People
Interpersonal reconstructive therapy for anger, anxiety, and depression _ healing broken hearts, not broken brains
Interpersonal recostructive therapy for anger anxiety and depression
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