Online Stress Management using mindfulness

Online stress management using mindfulness. Visit: to schedule a Skype therapy session with Dr. Peter Strong, a specialist in online mindfulness therapy to overcome anxiety and depression.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong. I am a professional psychotherapist based in Colorado and I teach mindfulness therapy online through Skype for stress management, to work with anxiety and depression and also to help with addiction recovery.

So, when we work with stress, we must understand that stress is produced by our subjective reactions. Stress does not exist externally. This is the fundamental mistake we tend to make, that we believe we are stressed because … and then we fill in the particular reasons such as "I am stressed because I have too much work to do." because I'm not earning enough money to pay the bills. " I am stressed for my health. "" I am stressed because my children are not doing well in school. "And so on.

We believe that these causes are the reason we experience stress. But the fact is that those external factors are not the cause of our stress. They are triggers. This is the term we use in mindfulness therapy and mindfulness training.

We understand that there are triggers that trigger habitual conditioned reactions. Those are the subjective reactions they create, suffering. Then the trigger triggers those usual reactions. If you change the usual reactions, those triggers will not create stress. They will not create that emotional anguish and fear associated with stress.

So, in the approach I teach, mindfulness therapy, for stress management, first of all, we look for all these triggers. We make a list of them, all the reasons why we believe we are suffering from stress. And then we begin to change these blinds, the underlying habits, the subjective habits, which are the real cause of stress.

So we do this by learning to meditate on those stressors. Then we meditate carefully, bringing those stress triggers to your mind, but seeing them with full awareness, with full attention. We observe the emotional reaction to those triggers that creates the sensation of irritation, anger or fear. When we see that emotional reaction, we learn to make it an object. This is developing what we call "objective awareness."

We see emotion as an object, instead of what we usually do, which is to identify completely with that emotional reaction, "I am stressed because …" When we see emotion as an object, we break that link between trigger and emotional reaction.

And then we begin to work with the emotional reaction, whether it is anger, irritation or fear, and we help it heal by developing a compassionate relationship with that emotion.

Part of what helps him heal is not really feeding him by identifying with him, because what happens is that reaction, that emotional reaction, and then triggers more thought reactions. And those thought reactions reinforce stressed stress, the emotional reaction of stress.

So, usually, stress is caused by this runaway proliferation of habitual reactive thoughts, and everything happens unconsciously without really being involved at a conscious level, we have no other choice, it is conditioned, it is a habit. Stress is fundamentally a habit. It is a reactive habit. It is not caused by these external factors.

So, the best way to overcome any habit is to make it conscious. And that is the focus of mindfulness therapy and mindfulness meditation therapy where we learn to meditate on stress to see those reactions and free ourselves from the blind and habitual nature of those reactions. We see them as objects. When you see the reaction as an object, you now have a choice. You do not have to react and suffer. Actually, you can start interacting with those objects in a way that helps you heal.

So this is a brief introduction to mindfulness therapy for stress management. If you want to get more information and want to schedule some Skype therapy sessions with me, just go to the contact page and email me.

Ask any questions you may have and let's schedule some Skype therapy sessions so you can learn to manage your stress using mindfulness.

The approach is very effective. Most people see dramatic changes and improvements in a matter of weeks once you start controlling your usual blind reactions that are the real cause of your stress.

Then, contact me if this interests you and get some Skype therapy sessions. Thank you.

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Online Stress Management using mindfulness

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