NYC Psychiatrist About Alcohol & Depression

How can alcohol cause depression? Why does alcohol depress you?

Dr. McMullen is a psychiatrist in New York City, USA. UU. And he has practiced for approximately 30 years. He studied in Georgetown and Columbia.

In this video, Dr. McMullen discusses how alcohol can affect mood disorders such as depression.

Effects of alcohol on the body
First it should be understood that alcohol can have very serious short and long term effects on the body. As a central nervous system depressant, consuming too much alcohol at the same time can affect judgment and physical acuity. Drinking too much alcohol too quickly can cause you to pass out or even die.

The long-term effects consist of a deterioration of the body and liver cirrhosis.

Effects of alcohol on mood
People with mood disorders, in general, tend to consume alcohol on a regular basis and are more likely to abuse it. There is some evidence that drinking can exacerbate these difficulties.
The doctor's recommendation
Dr. McMullen recommends reducing alcohol consumption or, better yet, avoiding it altogether.

If you need help with depression or have questions about the effect of alcohol on the brain, contact TMS Brain Care at (212) 362-9635 or visit

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Video credits to Psychiatrist Robert D. McMullen – NYC – Depression Specialist – TMS BrainCare YouTube channel

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NYC Psychiatrist About Alcohol & Depression

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  1. Wow…that was the most passionless talk about alcohol and depression I've ever heard…still plenty of good reasons to stop drinking

  2. My burning question is how much does an average build individual have to drink in order to cause depression?

    My gut feeling is that it might be a very small amount. I’m cutting down from 18 units per week, which is pretty moderate when compared with what I’d expect the national average here in the UK actually is, and I think I’m experiencing an immediate improvement..

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