#MondaysWithMark: Brian Free & Assurance and Juanita Rasmus talks about depression

Tonight my special guest is Brian Free & Assurance.
And Pastor Juanita Rasmus tells her story of depression.

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Video credits to Mark Lowry YouTube channel

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#MondaysWithMark: Brian Free & Assurance and Juanita Rasmus talks about depression

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  1. Thank you so much Juanita and mark! Juanita you knowhow much I love you and your story! Mark thank you so very much for making this available to all of us! Love you both! ❤️

  2. This reminds me some of Chonda Pierces' story. The tooth picks and building lives on this theory surely happens.
    Their topics incredible today!!
    Been there and knew I was out of it. So greatful God is so faithful!!

  3. Oh Mark and friends, love the singing, forget the liver and onions…
    So did you get Bella's teeth brushed?? Did she escape??
    Now. Will get off and listen…

  4. Hi Mark, LOVE the addition of The Sisters!! They have such talent. I really enjoyed their song. Blessings from Sue in Delaware

  5. LOVE this conversation! Thank you Mark and Pastor Juanita for discussing depression. It is a meaningful discussion to have!

  6. Sit and listen, that's HARD! Thank you for being so transparent, I needed that tonight. Pray for me, I am struggling with stuff to do with my Dad. God is faithful.

  7. @marklowry Please bring her back often. You should start Wednesday Morning with Juanita channel. Call it coffee, tea and Juanita. Just talk and allow The Holy Spirit to minister.

  8. I wouldn't try brushing Bella's teeth – it would be traumatic for her. Best to start something like this when they are puppies.Try giving her those dental chews that they make for dogs.

  9. Thanks for the sweet words u say y'all bless me with ur music and thanks for praying for us people who are depressed. Thanks Mark.

  10. Hi Mark from UK. I just love you. Jaunita thanks so much for you thoughts and and inspiration, you have help me so much God bless you. Thanks for your prayer, I needed it.

  11. 13 Days till prayer challenge begins. I would like to issue a simple challenge to the body of Christ. Will you pray with me everyday during the month of September? Why September you ask. Because it’s the month of preparation for the fall feasts and our Jewish family is praying and preparing their hearts (time of repentance and drawing close to God) during the month. Did you know the shofar trumpet is blown every morning (except on Shabbat) during the month of Elul? How powerful could the month of September be if while some of the family are preparing their hearts for their appointed meeting times, we too are preparing our hearts for our meeting in the air!

    Many of us believe that we are taken before God’s focus is returned back to Israel therefore many of us are praying for a final revival before that moment. I believe in the power of numbers if all of us, with intention and collectively, pray that we can see the Holy Spirit move in a powerful way during this precious month and for Christ’s return.

    I know we pray all year round but let’s set a goal to pray for the salvation of Israel and the rapture of the Church for 30 days during September 2019. I was inspired to look for some shofar trumpet sounds to play in the mornings (not required!) and was surprised at the collection available. It’s a fun thought that trumpets for the Lord could be sounding off all around the world every day for 30 days. Anyway, I hope you will join me in prayer in September and feel free to mention your prayer requests. If you want to help please copy and share this request or make your own and help get the word out for a month of prayer in September! Blessings all around sweet family!

  12. So nice to meet Juanita and thank you so much for sharing yourselves with us! Counting our blessings always helps us get through the hard parts of life. BTW Do like liver & onions & we don't brush our dogs teeth. We should!

  13. Amen!!!!!! Yes, allowing God to speak to us and for us to hear Him is half the battle! Tyvm bro mark for this video was so awesome!!!!!!! hugsssssssssssss God bless, love ya

  14. Since a little girl I have Loved Liver & Onion. Never brush any of my dogs teeth. Love you Mark. I love Brian and Assurance. Hope they are on tonight.

  15. Thank you Mark for tonight’s program. Jaunita is a true blessing and an eloquent speaker. Very blessed to have heard her. I personally needed to hear this message. God bless and have a great week.🙏🏼❤️

  16. That silent prayer breathing was fun I’m glad I got to do it with you mark that was a neat I do that when I’m at yoga practice thank you for the great show tonight see you next Monday night !

  17. Enjoyed Juanita she was a darling. I thought she made some very true and important statements about depression and mental health . It is not some taboo thing if you suffer from it you just need to see a Dr. like you would for anything else you would go to the Dr. for high blood pressure, or anything like that. I was so excited for Brian Free & Assurance they are one of my favorite gospel groups!!

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