Live Show: Small Crypto's Depressed?

The total capitalization of the encryption market (excluding the bitcoin core) went from $ 500B to $ 50B, back to 130B, again to 80B today. Notice signs of depression now that we had a failed first outbreak. It is possible that the bull has begun, since this is a typical pattern of the beginning of the bull market, Bitcoin Core goes up while others continue to go down, in which case this may be a last buying opportunity before Bitcoin Core continues its increase and Now follow the smaller coins.

Of course, larger currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash still prefer, since they will probably rise first, but if you don't have or have little exposure to smaller currencies, considering that they are already very cheap, for example, the total capitalization of the Obyte market $ 15 million, was $ 800 million at the peak, still manages well and is likely to survive the continuous bear, and I am sure there are hundreds of other currencies in the same situation, it is already interesting to start building positions, as it may take time to accumulate enough.

Video credits to Marc De Mesel YouTube channel

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Live Show: Small Crypto's Depressed?

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  1. Enjoyed the video but recommending zero exposure to BTC is not good advice. ALT's may indeed boom but it is not guaranteed. Furthermore ALTS cannot boom unless BTC goes to all time highs.

  2. Why are you waiting for a correction in btc price? It is cheap and I bet you will not regret when btc is at 100 000 dollars. It really does not make big difference if you bought 100 000 worth of bitcoins at 7200 or 10 000 dollars.

  3. If you look at btc charts, it clearly is forming a bull flag and once it breaks, there will be drastic pump, and many will be left out as they are waiting lower prices and end up buying in at 20 000 dollars.

  4. Alt caps is a useless indicator. Most of alts don't have even 10 btc cumulative buy orders. Many have less than $1k volume. Alts is an abandoned ded shit.

  5. BTC 70% market cap dominance … "as good as it gets"… why? What is your reason assuming it's more than just a "gut" feeling?
    The market is clearly telling you one thing but you disagree… textbook contrarian thinking. OK fine. Contrarian investing can be rewarding but comes with it's own risks that I'm sure you realize but perhaps not all your viewers do. Maybe you should make a video focusing on the subject of contrarian investing – which applies to some extent to alts and your outsized bet on BCH.

  6. Like startup companies 90-95% (99%?) of alts will fail. There are hundreds if not thousands of arguably possibly successful altcoins to potentially invest in. Even assuming you make a good picks, which is very difficult to do, what is the logic/math that determines 1 in 4 small projects will do 1000x in price?

  7. @Marc, I mostly agree with your comments about market timing, hedging, probability and exposure recommendations (money management?). This is IMO what you are very good at and what keeps me watching despite other things I disagree 😉

  8. The idea of buying the dip at 7500 or other lower price if it happens (big if) has some logic to it but not deciding an asset is "cheap" based on it's peak price during the irrational/FOMO buying frenzy during the parabolic run-up at the last stage of the 2017 bull run. The lowest priced of these are there for a reason – the market has determined they are the least likely to be successful or even have another speculative pump.
    2017 was fueled by ignorant speculators buying any shitcoin with little more than a white paper, website, and promises.
    Speculate in a "promise-coin" and understand the risk you are taking to lose all that money.
    I think in this next bull, the alt projects that deliver real solutions (non speculation/gambling use-cases) and have real working code, real apps being used by end users (real traction/uptake) are the ones that will move to the top pushing out the promise-coins.

  9. Thanks for some great answers to our comments/questions. Actually I'm not so young as you thought and have been retired a few years already. I don't think I've got the patience to study the alt coins deeply but agree most probably there are some great gains to be made there.. Since my BTC are in profit I may sell some soon anyway.

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