Life Update | Depression, Anxiety & Trying To Stay Positive | DITL Vlog

Hello everyone!
In today's video, I share with you one of the reasons for my absence here on YouTube, which is depression and anxiety. I have not been too consistent with my burdens lately, life has been quite difficult and that affects me daily. There are a couple of different reasons that trigger my anxiety and depressions, reasons that I still can't share on social networks.
But I didn't want this to be a sad vlog, so we took Alex to a small science museum where we had a lot of fun and tried to put aside all the problems. Alex is my reason for everything, I try to be a better person / mother thanks to him. He is my strength and joy, and I love him with all my heart.
I hope you enjoy this vlog! Thank you very much for your continued support!

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Brief introduction:
My name is Diana, I was born in Romania, I am 36 years old and I moved to the USA. UU. In 2015.
Before moving to the United States, I lived in Abu Dhabi for 5 and a half years, where I worked as a flight attendant. And that's where I met my husband, Alan. We met on one of my flights 💑.
I am a new mother of an amazing 23 month old baby named Alexander, he is our rainbow baby bebé. He stole my heart and surprises me every day. I want to capture all these precious moments and make memories of him, of our family 👪📷🦋!

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Life Update | Depression, Anxiety & Trying To Stay Positive | DITL Vlog

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  1. I fell asleep before I got to finish commenting last night because I was watching your video in bed… Here’s the rest of my commentary! 😂 So I’ve definitely never heard of DNA reprogramming or any of the things that you’ve mentioned, but I’m glad that you have seem to have found s spiritual path in life that is working for you! 😊 I loved seeing Alex play and be so happy! That pretend kitchen place was really neat. I loved the light table, too! The geese 😂😂 Ooh, love TJs, need to go again soon! Is that a singing bowl? I forget what they’re called… so cool! Awww so cute that he loves babies! Theo didn’t want to be left out of the vlog, haha! Oh no, I hope Alex feels better soon. 😞 Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Oh Diana I'm so sorry you're feeling this way! As you know, I can definitely sympathize and it's just the most hopeless feeling. I was glad to see you were able to vlog the whole day 🙌🏼 Alex is looking so grown up! You are so sweet and gentle with him and your love just shines through every time you look at Alex💙 I will continue praying for you, my sweet friend!💗

  3. Oh Diana..I am 55 and I have struggled with this all of my life..some times I want to cry, sometimes I want the scream, but I always come out on the other side ok..It is so hard with little ones..mine are all grown, but I still struggle..praying for you sweet lady.. and thank you for sharing this very private side of yourself..:)

  4. Thank you for finding the courage and sharing this with us Diana! I just want to say that you're not alone and you are strong enough to get through anything ! You're a beautiful inspiring woman and mother ! I myself struggle with anxiety and people close to me are struggling with depression as well. I know things are not always as they seem. We try to push through and be positive but only we know the demons inside us. I send lots of love and light your way ! ❤❤❤❤

  5. I’m so sorry that your childhood is still affecting your current life. :/ I can’t imagine how hard that must be. Nothing is a bigger motivation than our precious little ones to better, though!

  6. Thank you for sharing such a personal struggle with us. Love watching you try to overcome this for you and your beautiful family. Sending you nothing but happiness and love! 🙂

  7. I’m sorry Diana. I know how you feel. It is not an easy feat to push through it some days. You are such a wonderful mother and person, I do hope that you feel better soon and that something can help. Have you tried EDMR therapy? I know you said that you had a traumatic childhood. That can help you access memories and “reprocess” them. It is supposed to heal your mind by actually healing from the trauma, not just talking about it. Maybe give it a look on google.
    I really hate that you’re feeling this way.
    I also have a hard time meditating. It is so hard to do.
    I am very interested in a separate video on how your views of the world changed and your spirituality.
    Alex is looking adorable ! As he always is 😘

  8. Diana God Bless you! Thanks for share your emotions … I think you are teaching how to stand up and take the power back and built a new life and show how much you love yourself and your family. I admire you for your heart and your kindness. Lots of hugs for everyone in your house.

  9. I’m sorry you are struggling boo! 😭❤️ I send you my love and positive energy! How is Alex? Did he get sick?

  10. Diana, I barely come on youtube…but today I did, and saw your video topic. Bravo for being so strong, and sharing how you're feeling. I also suffer with depression/anxiety, I would love to hear about all those treatments you tried. I also did reiki in the past with not much effect. The only thing that got me out of PPD was medication, please dont be afraid to take some if its effecting your quality of life and if you are not being able to get out of bed…. it will give u that short term boost that u need!! And omg, Alex has grown sooooo much!!! Big kiss to him!!!

  11. I'm really sorry that you have been struggling with anxiety and depression. I also had some problems with my childhood and it left me depressed for abut 14 years, but luckily I was able to resolve it and I never get depressed anymore. I know everyone is different, but I like to share that story only because one of the symptoms of depression is being worried that you will always be depressed and never get better, but sometimes you can completely overcome it so I hope you find something that helps you too! I think you have the right approach, just being open minded and trying different things until you fin something that works for you! I still have more anxiety than most people, but I am learning to deal with it better and better every day 🙂 It looks like you had a really lovely day with Alex anyway! So cute that hes starting to say more and more, but funny that he won't say his own name! Feel better soon x

  12. Thanks for sharing this, I have been going through a rough patch myself,(different reasons but the same feeling)everyday I am trying to look forward as best as I can…..That place looks so much fun, I am taking the kids next month to the kids museum for the first time. I hope you feel better, I have never heard of DNA reprogramming sounds very interesting. Alex adorable as always, a little tip that works with my little ones, is to point at him and keep repeating his name and then I point at someone ese and do the same, you can do that with Theo and yourself, one day he will repeat it out of nowhere. I would say your name is Alex, I am mami, this is Theo, what is your name? Alex and so on…I hope this helps.

  13. Hi Diana thank you so much for sharing this, I cannot make a video either if I'm not in the mood (I try to keep up w/ my sweet friends) I find though I'm happier & a better person when I stay away from social media (I allow myself a certain time on IG it just doesn't make me happy, although I have sweet friends I want to keep up with there also) thank you for sharing always enjoy seeing you, Alex & Theo, the geese are so pretty! Sending love & hugs~xoxo Karen

  14. Aww honey sorry to hear that you suffer with this, youtube is a hobby that you are supposed to enjoy so it’s good that you don’t vlog unless you feel motivated to otherwise it will take the joy out of creating your channel! Aww Alex is having the best time isn’t he, bless him! Oh what was that that you was doing? Lol he nearly knocked the camera over? I wish my cats would let me snuggle them like that! Was great catching up with you honey, hope it helped that you opened up to us about your depression and hope your appointment goes well!! Xx

  15. Hi Diana, it's so nice to see you. Alex is growing and he look like a big boy now. I hope you are feeling better. Love you guys 👍🏻

  16. Hi Diana. It’s so difficult if your not feeling it to pick up the camera. I hope that your feelings pass soon for you. I would love to live in one of those houses on the river. They’re gorgeous. I love your meditation bowl. Its so pretty. I hope that Alex isnt getting ill.
    EMDR would probably be useful for you. It might be worth looking into. Its not a talking therapy and is specifically for trauma. Also if you’ve had any sort of trauma then meditating is not recommended as it could increase thoughts of trauma. Just wanted to let you know in case its useful for you. Thinking of you 💕

  17. Îmi pare rău pentru experienta ta. Ai făcut bine ca ai vorbit despre asta cu sufletul deschis. Poate face parte din vindecare… Îmi pare si mai rău să aud de copilăria traumatizanta. Din păcate nici eu nu am avut o copilărie tocmai fericită…Dar copiii au adus multă multă fericire și au vindecat multe. Cred ca și băiatul tău îți aduce multă fericire. Sper ca pana la urma vei găsi o cale. E bine ca ai încercat toate aceste terapii. Poate ar ajuta și un sport sa practici, ajuta mult psihicul. Mult succes și multe îmbrățișări de la mămică la mămică! 👍😊😘

  18. Hi, Diana,🌞I cannot be hypnotized either and the man that I went to started to get frustrated with me.😒 I am not posted anything and don't plan on it. I am like you and will not post a vid just to post something. I have turned to create music playlists on my channel and use them. I choose one first thing in the morning and just get busy (when hubby is at work) 😃 They lift my mood and I have started dancing and doing some light weights thanks to fun music. Not saying that is the answer just sharing something that helps me. Wishing you and your family a super happy and healthy week.

  19. You take care always god bless. Sorry you feel this way even i went through it in the past myself."

  20. Im so sorry your feeling this way diana. I havent been posting because i am very stressed right now with things going on in my life and i see my youtube channel is growing the way i want. I hope you have a great day

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