Let Off Old Wounds

Old Wounds- Reason why sadness persists

“Living in the past can be harmful to your present and future self.”
― Angel Moreira

It has repeatedly been shown that, one of the most important indicators of depression is “chronic sadness.” That is why when the diagnostic manual of mental disorders lists its first symptom of depression, it is “feeling sad most of the day.”

But where does this sadness come from?

From our experience, we can validly say that this chronic sadness often springs from losses and traumas that occurred from the past. Yes just like old wounds…which in some cases date as far back as childhood! These wounds can be the result of long time traumatic or tragic event, that were just bottled up and never attended properly to. It may be just anything from the death of a parent, a divorce, abandonment, to childhood neglect or abuse.

Old wounds are the reasons why someone who looks though has moved on and is living a normal life is later diagnosed as suffering of chronic sadness or depression as you may call it. As the childhood wounds are carried on into adulthood, resulting in depression it becomes an issue. This psychological phenomenon grows into that which needs to be healed through therapeutic processes.

Therapies To Help You Heal From Old Wounds

To help you begin your healing from the old wounds, there are two major therapies that will help you. The first is doing “resolving original pain” and the second is “caring for the inner you.”

Resolving the original pain

Resolving the original pain involves going back to your childhood and attending to any old wounds that might have occurred then. This may be in form of grieving any losses that you were unable to grieve or any other tragic event that happened at that time. Since sadness is nature’s healing feeling, fully experiencing this “frozen grief” clears much of the pain out of the nervous system.

Resolving the original pain takes time, and requires a skilled therapist to serve as a guide. While mourning past losses may be painful, it is only after when they are properly mourned you can really come back to life again and begin the journey of recovery.

Caring for the inner you

The second process of healing old wounds is called “caring for the inner you”

There might be this part of you that you constantly cover up. This part of you is fragile and is still feeling the pain and emptiness of not having received enough love and affection over the years. This is the time to show love to that part of you.

Perhaps we experienced neglect, abandonment or even abuse. All of these create an ongoing emotional ache. Unfortunately, looking to other people to fix us and to give us love results in more disappointment. There is only one person who can give us the unconditional love we are seeking–and that is ourselves. As one therapist said, “Of all the people you will ever know, you are the only one who will never leave you.”

Many of us who suffer from depression or anxiety have that part of us that needs our love and attention. If that is the true picture of how you feel on the inside, we would encourage you to pay more attention to the inner you.

Take the initiative, ask yourself “How am I feeling right now?” “What do I need?” Whatever it is that you do, while you are trying your best to take care of everyone around you, do not neglect yourself. Do not neglect the person you are on the inside.


Always trying to put a face and be strong is not a bad idea especially if you are the one many others around you are looking up to be strong, but as the saying goes you are also human.

Remember, it is only when you let out that grief and take good care of your inner self that you can really move on and heal from your old wounds.

We wish you the best in your mental health recovery.

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