jung taekwoon ∘ lost myself again [depression au]

don't forget HD 🙂 (English CC will be available soon!)

IMPORTANT: There is no warning in this video, but if you are too sensitive to things related to depression, do not look and do not read the history / explanation of the video, even if it has a significant ending, it is at your own risk.
Also, I am not saying that taekwoon is going through a depression, this is just an AU, which means that I just connected these videos like a movie or an invented story to fit the idea of ​​the video.

He is depressed and wishes he could be gone.
He is looking in the mirror for the last time, and committed suicide.
His ghost came to the room, he saw his body simply lying there, wishing he hadn't, regretting it.
Your ghost lies next to your body, letting your body experience a situation, an imagination or a dream.
In his dream, he walks in a paradise, truly relaxing and beautiful, but … the pain did not go away, it is still there, his soul is hurt and always will be, since he did not solve his problem in the previous life. and gave up and just finished
In his dream, he finds a flower, this flower is his previous life, the moment he chooses the flower, his life has returned and he knows, he made the right decision and picked it up and came back to life. He has been fortunate to have the opportunity to recover his life and now he knows what to do; Make the right decisions and look directly at your main goals: your happiness.

If you suffer from depression, don't be ashamed to ask for help.
Many people can help you and be here to help you.
You are not alone, you are important and I am very happy that you are alive.
Thank you for being part of this world.

Video Information:
-Program: VEGAS Pro 14.
-Music: Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under
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Video credits to curiousitae YouTube channel

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jung taekwoon ∘ lost myself again [depression au]

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