Healing Trauma Can Decrease Triggers, Flares and Chronic Illness (It's not psychological)

Recognizing the triggers and healing past traumas can help decrease, resolve or even prevent cycles of worsening of symptoms and outbreaks. It is not psychological, it is because the adverse events of life affect our nervous and immune systems, how our genes work (epigenetics) and beyond.

Ameé describes how the feeling of wanting to fight and punch someone is related to outbreaks and triggers with rheumatoid arthritis and pain in the wrist. When he set a limit instead of falling overwhelmed with the old pattern of anger that had suffocated earlier in his life, his outbreak lessened and all the pain began to recede without further medication.

Ameé talks more about how working with an unresolved trauma can help prevent rashes in other video clips on my blog. 16 ways in which the understanding of a trauma and the CDR help to make sense of the triggers and the flares.

Working with triggers is relevant for outbreaks in all types of chronic diseases, including other autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, MS, lupus; Chronic fatigue syndrome also known as ME / CFS, POTS, fibromyalgia, asthma, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines and more.

I'm Veronique Mead MD, MA and this is a conversation organized by Amee Quiriconi from One Broken Mom. Watch the full video and the podcast in which Ameé and I talked about how the adverse experiences of life, such as the ACE, the cellular danger response (CDR) of Dr. Robert Naviaux, the theory of polyvagal and fight, the flight and freezing of Dr. Stephen Porges are related to chronic disease. and symptoms.

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Learn more about Trauma, Triggers and Flares in Chronic Diseases in the publication of my blog

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Veronique Mead, MD, MA. I blog about research that explains how adverse life events affect the risk of chronic diseases and how it is not psychological. I have also been testing theories and approaches with my own chronic disease.

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    Healing Trauma Can Decrease Triggers, Flares and Chronic Illness (It's not psychological)

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