Healing Depression

We all have some level of depression from time to time. More severe cases can be brought from past lives or from experiences felt in the womb. Then, the various traumatic experiences we all have throughout our lives and our childhood can add to our feeling a fatigue that can manifest as the psychological exhaustion known as depression. We have a Light in the center of our being, but our ego has wrapped its dark being around that Light so that it cannot be seen. The ego then plants some negative central emotions in this dark sheath, like a cloud, like guilt and low self-esteem. Then, the ego creates people and events in our outside world and in our life that trigger these few core emotions and, therefore, validate them. And, as it becomes exhausting to deal with these internal events and emotions, we deflate and become depressed.

Some of us who are very creative or intuitive are also hypersensitive and, therefore, we are more subject to wear out for life.

Things that can help heal the effects of depression or spiritual exhaustion include service, knowing the purpose of our soul, doing basic exercises and doing a "farewell exercise." Finally, for those of us who are trying to help others heal from their traumas and depression, the difference between apathy, sympathy, empathy and the only state of consciousness higher than these others is love. When we remain in a state of love and offer hope and a sense of courage to others, we are offering them the solution and healing they are looking for.

This talk includes a powerful prayer / decree to eliminate the emotions based on the ego of our emotional body.

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Healing Depression

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  1. Hypersensitive with Unresolved Trauma – sounds like its past time for clearing the freeloader energies….Sage Much?

  2. I love how you stated – healing is harder than numbing out- but healing brings peace. That’s inspiring while validating that healing often feels hard- challenging. Bravo 👏 ( helpful info )

  3. I’ve worked extensively in ref to psychologically healing myself, true unconditional self love 💕 for my inner being- true self- soul. I feel ok 👌 content single . Not opposed to a romantic relationship ( psychologically healthy type connection ). If that doesn’t happen- I’m ok- happy in my own company. Rarely feel lonely or bored solo either.
    What I’ve noticed is friends that are fairly codependent or still in the mindset that you must be a couple to be happy- make off beat assumptions that I must have fear of love relationship or assume I hate men- simply because I’ve stated I feel ok, content , at peace single. I guess they can’t relate or this seems very foreign to them…. 🤔

  4. Hello, and thank you for many videoes, I have seen during last few dayes. With great interst, and feelig well watshing, also.I have a question, about beeing grounded……..You have mensioned…..that you do not deal with peoples opinions. Ok, that. I do not come with opinions, but with questions.Is it realy possible to be grounded, without dealig with them?Do you mean that we always must act in a "kind" way?Even Christ got very angry, he overturned the salesmens tables in the temple, yes, he did, with anger! He did not say kindly : this is not my way, and turned his head.Would you say, that he at that moment, were not in alignment with God?

  5. Thx. I have done a lot of counseling to survive (stay alive) over the years (lots of missing details here.) Now I'm particularly looking for this soul healing you speak of, so I'm wondering if you have any recommendations on good therapists, healers or just anyone. I'm working on breaking patern's, so I can go forward in a way that is filled with joy, abundance, and being loved in a way I was not loved before and I want to give that kind of love too. The higher spiritual sexuality and love I think I have heard you speak of. I have been single and with out a partner for 6 to 7 years now trying to heal post divorce (27 year cold on core levels.) Just trying to figure out ways or who to navigate this healing with… To get to new heights of healing for much more than survival but hopefully complete thriving. Best regard to you!!! Thx for kindly response!

  6. Listening to you I just figured out what I want to. I want people to stop using me. I was raped at 3, my parent got a divorce then too, I was litteraly a rag doll between them my whole life! I was molested by some one else between 5 to 6 or something like that and then just their divorce manipulation for.the rest of.my life. I don't want to be used physically or emotionally!!! I want peace, I want to be loved with out an expectation and I don't want to be used physically or emotionally!!! Wow you just hit on something and some pieces flew together for the first time on 54 years. Thank you!!!

  7. We have been conditioned to believe what we see on Television and social media forums. We see good looking people enjoying happy lives with lots of money and big smiles. Reality is not unicorns and rainbows…sorry to convey that fact. Expectations should be within reason that can be controlled. Depression is a factor that has to be thought out as rational. It is the mind that has to be put in check and the mind can do that if there is a personal focus. It is OK to use the power of prayer and ask God to carry you. But fighting the depression monster should be an obsession…fight!

  8. God bless you. I really happy that God show me to your channel. I really love how you teach and your video confirm that everything I was feeling inside was correct. Please dont stop. You are a legend to me. I love to see you in person.

  9. core issues will be illuminated with total intention thanks Come to Atlanta and do a workshop on this matter please
    at Unity North Soul Level Healing

  10. yeap despair i was thinking ..thats not normal,i mean the way should b out there ,no mater how hard if there is a way you ll walk it BUT if there s no way what road wil you walk? the imposibility , your mind thinks that shouldnt b posible to exist n any reality ,then you get disapointed on god ,you deny him which means you denied yourSelf

  11. Finally a speaker and teacher that speaks with zero fake, straight from the fountain of truth. Thank you. This is helping a lot to deal with the residue "stuff".

  12. Hello Micheal, can you please speak more and so deep about depression and how to go deep to soul to heal it ,please speak step by step so deep for every step

  13. I really like you video's. I found one by chance. How incredible. You speak of so many people and ideas I have looked into and read on. You bring it all together so wonderfully

  14. Michael
    Thank you for this. I have never been a person who becomes depressed and I don't know how to handle it.
    It has been 7-weeks since my soulmate, husband, and best friend of 33 years unexpectedly passed to Spirit. Although I am a strong person, I don't know how to deal with this alone.
    Thank You!
    Geri Krista <3

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