Geraldine Energy Healing | Inherited depression

How to realize when depression does not belong to us.
Sadness is a natural and normal emotion. In a way, we need it to appreciate happiness at a deeper level. Sadness can be caused by adverse events such as the loss of a loved one, a break in the relationship or something that occurred to us or someone we love. As we know the cause of sadness, we have natural tools to combat it, even unconsciously.
However, if the condition persists, we must pay attention to the signs that may suggest that this natural emotion may become a clinical condition.

When sadness is associated with anxiety, feeling of hopelessness, helplessness or worthlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite or overeating, unusual difficulty concentrating or remembering, loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed, including sex, we can be at risk of being diagnosed with clinical depression.
Do not hesitate to seek immediate help.

But what happens if a form of deep sadness suddenly catches us without a clear trigger or antecedent?

In this case, we are probably experiencing a form of depression that we have strongly inherited from one of our parents or ancestors.
This energy is stirred within our body from our first day in this world, and for the moment, it can manifest itself in the form of symptoms mentioned above, causing other physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disorders.

The problem is that the energies we collect from others, including those we inherit from their parents or ancestors, cannot be processed by our body … until they are recognized.
From an energy point of view, understanding the root cause of the disease triggers the healing mechanism in our body; The case of hereditary depression is no exception.
The good news is that not only healers or energy practitioners can heal our body vigorously. Our brain is the most powerful tool to trigger healing processes in our body.

Recognizing that we are experiencing depression caused by foreign energy means starting the most powerful and natural antidepressant treatment. Not only does the brain create a dissociation between us and the disease, but it also initiates an energetic and chemical process to heal the entire body.

Healing and energy professionals can support and accelerate the process by realigning, balancing and enhancing the chakra system.

Video credits to Geraldine Energy Healing YouTube channel

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Geraldine Energy Healing | Inherited depression

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