Epiphany: How to Instantly Change Your Life

In this video I dive deeply into the idea and realization of an # epiphany … how to have a unique moment in which our lives change totally and deeply for the better. If you are watching this video, it is likely that you have already had some kind of epiphany moment (and that you are already on the path of # personal improvement and #knowledge), and / or that you are desperately looking for another epiphany, Live changing The kind of moment. First let's understand what an epiphany is … then let's understand the & # 39; why & # 39; behind why we want to have an epiphany, and THEN let's understand how to create the circumstances that make an epiphany possible in the first place.

What is the system? (And how WE are weeds)

How to turn negative emotions (such as depression) into power

I am someone who had a literal epiphany, where, in a moment, I was more depressed than I had ever been, and in the blink of an eye, I was suddenly reading books, building a business and training for an Ironman. and I spent years obsessively working obsessively to understand myself and realize that thing that I always felt sleeping inside of me

Why do we look for epiphany in the first place?
It is very likely that you fall into one of two categories.
The first is that you have already had some kind of epiphany.
The second category and this is the tragic category, is that if you are watching this video, it is because you are desperate and probably have not yet noticed.

You are desperate because you embarked on this path and at the beginning it was great.
Perhaps now he has lost faith that he has what it takes to realize his best version, and now he is desperate.

Now you're just looking for that singular prayer that can change your life dramatically and suddenly
I'm sorry boy.

This is not how it works.

Finding a time that changes life is the guaranteed way of not having a time that changes life.

Just forget about looking for an epiphany and first let's consider what an epiphany really is. It is a sudden intuitive perception or perception of reality or the essential meaning of something.

I would say that an epiphany is a time when we suddenly come to understand something that we had always understood in a way before, in a completely different way that has a profound impact on our lives. Get to deeply understand something that you previously understood in a completely different way, a miracle of thought.

How do we create the circumstances under which an epiphany can really happen to us?
We must risk everything.

It is listening to that thing within us and discovering that it was right that we can really change our lives because knowing the path is not the same as traveling the path, and walking the path is knowing the path.
The risk, as I understood it, was an illusion.

The real risk was in not doing those things in the first place.

As we move through life, we get to have certain beliefs, and it is precisely there that we must question ourselves.
Things that are so difficult to question, and it is precisely there that we have to question ourselves.

We need to go much deeper. And very often, we are here on the superficial level.

My experience forced me to ask a different question. They forced me because I reached my absolute bottom and I couldn't go further. I couldn't get depressed anymore.

I think a different way to reach a moment of epiphany could be something like meditation.
When we begin to develop a meditation practice, that space between the things we experience and our reactions to them can be amplified.
Now we can observe and question that intermediate space. Through that, we can begin to change the way we react to those things.

If you want the secret to change your life, the secret is a very simple question.

Most of us have already had some form of epiphany, and looking for another guarantees that we will never find it.
The idea we have of what an epiphany is is wrong.
Looking for an epiphany is just a sign that we are desperate, that we are pathetic.
That we are not asking the right questions.
We should ask ourselves "Why am I looking for an epiphany in the first place?"

Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path, and it is by walking the path that we get to know the path.
What prevents us from walking along the road is this idea that we have of what risk is, and if we believe that something is true, and we do not follow that thing, there is no risk as we understand it, the only risk is not following that thing .

Do not look for an epiphany.
Listen carefully to what you can within yourself and have some faith.

If you want practical advice, do your best now that you believe it is true, and that is the key.


Video credits to Nelson Quest YouTube channel

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Epiphany: How to Instantly Change Your Life

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  1. Hey Nelson, another great video, you're my favourite person to call me flawed, weak and pathetic ;). I know I for one have searched consciously and unconsciously for my own romantic epiphany and I fully agree with your view that that is the best way of ensuring it never happens. I found the actionable advice at the end really helpful, I find it adds something I can do that is 'expressive' after 'consuming' the video. Might be something to consider adding to more videos
    I want to point out that at 2:53 you probably meant "desperate" and not "desesperate". Dunno if pointing out stuff like that helps. I also found the breathing noises at 1:49 7:10 9:46 12:30 and 14:03 a bit distracting. Again, not sure if that helps. Thank you,

  2. Nice! Great video from a videographic perspective. That chilling horror sound that played when you were talking about Depression was spot on. Good work.

  3. Loved this one Nelson. If you really go into this video, it makes you realize your own limitations, question the beliefs you had and helps you look deeper within yourself. Thanks Nelson πŸ™ keep up with your work.

  4. Well, I've watched this video for 3 times, and a lot of things started to pop out in my head , why I do certain things , why I don't do others , like I was filtering all my experiences and beliefs, why I do have certain fears ?
    I think this some sort of epiphany, and I glad it clicked right now because I was stuck in some aspects of my life.

  5. My epiphani is when I discovered Nelson Quest.

    Kidding, but I really and deeply engage with your personality bro, it's just insane how much I project myself in you; your enviroment, your way to do things, even your tastes on food, building and clothing, but of course what vibrates with me is a lot more profound. Thanks God the day you became who you are and thanks for the day I discovered you πŸ™πŸ½

  6. Awesome! I’d love your first hand experience with meditation sometime. I find that when I meditate, it’s very difficult for me but to stay focused. But at the same time, my best ideas come to me when I’m attempting to meditate.

  7. Great video, Nelson! You've told about the links below the video, but I can't find them. And by the way, is there any chance to somehow watch your old videos, like Dark Mode 1.0 and Dark Mode 2.0? Thanks!
    P.S: I feel really connected to you and all the things you're talking about in the videos. It looks to me as if someone has read my
    thoughts and then expressed them in the form of a video and posted it on YouTube! Crazy ha ha!
    And the dark mode system is genial. I do make use of it! Thank you and good luck!

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