Does Social Media cause depression? | Homies & Tegronis

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Does Social Media cause depression? | Homies & Tegronis

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  1. I dont think social media causes depression or anxiety….its the same concept as looking at magazines in the image sense. Interpretation to the person. What does cause depression and anxiety with social media…is your online community and how you use the platform.

  2. Stupidity, social media causes mass stupidity. Epidemic of stupidity out of control. Leading to hysteria, chaos, massive psychosis. People are less human, less compassionate. We now talk at each other. No one listens to another human being. The masses, the meek, the sheep, drones, droids, zombies take orders from their higher power, mass media and the internet. Doing the devil's work for him. The newzjagoffs working for Satan. The STUPIDS OBEY WITHOUT HESITATION, MASS-PSYCHOSIS. 1984 !! Orwell nailed it.😘🙏💜✌💋GOD IS AWESOME AND JESUS IS A ROCKSTAR !! LBOH

  3. It can certainly piss you off and that isn't good. Exacerbates negative feelings. Provides very little of substance. Pap culture at it's worse.

  4. Does social media cause depression? That's a no brainer. I quit going on Facebook and I'm better off for it.

  5. It can cause anxiety, depression, I deal with both. But social media, just like every day life, I have to choose …. Am I going to watch & listen to this because I know how it's going to affect me.

  6. 🙏🏼Peace and Blessings.
    There are many levels of depression.
    People that suffer from depression will get depressed if it's dark or light.
    I will tell you what makes people depressed…the lack of money. Media/TV contributes to people's depression because they bombard the airwaves with nonsence unreal shows…. a person with depression will suffer worse after watching certain shows. .. unable to have the money and live like the reality stars.
    Parents get depressed after they have put a second mortgage on their house because they had to copy Sweet Sixteen on TV for their sweet "angels" sixteen birthday.
    Housewife's get depressed because they cannot afford Botox, breast transplants and surgeries to keep their husbands interested in them …they are so busy juggling the grocery budget money.
    People get depressed after watching home makeover shows. When they live in rentals or in mom's basement.
    News media is the worse..they lie or distort their stories….ratings are important to them.
    Just watching the impeacment of President Trump on TV is depressing for me …they have ompted my shows.

    The best way to never suffer from depression is not to watch TV….Utube is a better media. Bond with other depressive viewers …misery loves company.
    Utube has countless ways to combat depression. They have a video for every person's likes and dislikes😁
    If you cannot find a video that will catch your interest I can guarantee that the comments of certain videos is good therapy for a person's depression.
    Christmas coming up is the most depressive time of the year for a lot of people…especially old people or people that have haven't been in touch with their families for a long time. Christmas triggers those beloved memories we have of times spent with our families.
    Do something for other people during this time.
    Stay busy….do not play
    Lottery, bingo etc.. it willonly get you more depressed if you don't win and now will be evicted because rent money has been ill spent….just saying.
    Beloved..may merciful and benevolent YAHWEH
    bless you with happier days of love, health, wealth in the coming years…and may HE give you the time to enjoy them.
    Wishing you peace and the real meaning of Christmas. JESUS!

    Media is only responsible for telling lies.. they distort truths adding depression to already depressed people.

  7. Here’s what you do. Cancel all your social media accounts cancel Facebook and when they ask the reason why tell them that you think Mark Zuckerberg is an commie. Then take your damn phone throw it out the window, take a shower put on some good clothes and get out there enjoy Real life. Stop being some jerk off loser living in your mom’s spare bedroom basement. And absolutely stop listening to the lying bastards on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and in fact the entire fake MSM.

  8. No ..But it does stop you from living life out side this phone or computer… Depression comes from not moving on with their life… social become #1

  9. CNN and MSNBC doesn't cause depression it makes me laugh. The funniest crock pot of fools that ever was, on two networks!

  10. Anyone who watches tv or Internet is exposed to such toxic things that they either get toxic themselves or depressed.

    All one has to do to become depressed when looking at social media is to have the slightest bit of compassion for life and there it is, watching humans piss their lives away on useless endeavours

  11. Explain depression before social media then. It's not a new malady. Ever listen to the blues? You could depression with social media if you want instead of causing it.

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