Depression in Women-Why You Should Care More For Her

why we must take care of women
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Learn more about the factors contributing to increased risk of depression in women. See reason why women deserve our total care and support.

Depression in Women

What causes depression in women? This question is widely asked given that studies have shown that the prevalence of depression is more higher in women than men. In addition, the symptoms of depression in women are different from those found in men.

One fact to remember is that depression is a respecter of nobody. Whether you are a man or woman is not relevant, it crosses across all age groups and gender.can happen to anyone. But why is it that twice as many women as men experience depression?What factors may increase a woman’s risk of depression? This article is aimed at discussing just this.

Why Women Are At Increased Risk Of Depression

Not all women suffer from depression for one reason.There are many reasons for the different symptoms of depression in women. Some of the major reasons are:

Hormones Play A Major Role

One of the important reasons is the high production of hormones. Women experience specific forms of depression-related illness, including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, postpartum depression and postmenopausal depression and anxiety, that are associated with changes in ovarian hormones.

The fact that increased prevalence of depression in women correlates with hormonal changes in women, particularly during puberty, prior to menstruation, following pregnancy and at perimenopause, suggests that female hormonal fluctuations may be a trigger for depression.

Infertility and pregnancy

When a woman is unable to reproduce, this has been a major cause of depression in many especially if they have tried all methods and given their all but no results.

Imagine the emotional trauma of having gone through sessions of IVF and all failed? And your spouse family and even close friends make disparaging remarks all the time. Painful!

Even after a woman gets pregnant,there are many changes in the hormones present in her body. These changes affect her mood and sometimes she has to deal with a degree of anxiety especially if it is her first pregnancy and these experience is totally new to her.

What do you think will happen to a woman who has been expecting for years and successfully got pregnant only to have a miscarriage? In most cases she get depressed if adequate care and support is not given.

Health problems

Many women struggle with different types of health problems. Some of these health problems may include psychological problems, effects of dieting,malaise, and other problems.


Every woman has to go through a state of severe mental pressure during menopause. This is the time when women’s menstrual cycle stops completely. For many women, their overall personality of women changes.

Other Contributory Causes

Social Roles

It has also been theorized that women who become housewives and mothers may find their roles devalued by society while women who pursue a career outside the home may face discrimination and job inequality or may feel conflicts between their role as a wife and mother and their work.

The socialization of gender roles and gender traits has been associated with how well people cope with stress and the effects that stress has on health. Researchers have found that such socialization benefits men in terms of overall health.

When a woman enters adolescence, gender discrimination begins to develop in her. Along with this, sex discrimination among adolescents also becomes a major cause of depression.

Stressful Life Events

Evidence suggests that, throughout their lifetimes, women may experience more stressful life events and have a greater sensitivity to them than men. Adolescent girls tend to report more negative life events than boys—usually related to their relationships with their parents and peers—and experience higher levels of distress related to them.

However, depression prevalence rates also tend to be fairly consistent globally, which may suggest that biological influences play the largest role and that factors such as socioeconomic status, education, race, diet, and culture are secondary or compounding influences.

Socialization Differences

The different social pressure on women causes depression in many places today. Without adequate support, they can get depressed.

Researchers have found that gender differences in socialization could play a role in rates of depression as well. Girls are generally socialized to be more nurturing and sensitive to the opinions of others, while little boys are often encouraged to develop a greater sense of mastery and independence in their lives.

Our Take On This

Considering depression in women, biological influences play the largest role and that factors such as psychosocial events such as role-stress, victimization, sex-specific socialization,socioeconomic status, education, race, diet, and culture are secondary or compounding influences.

To All Of Us

It may be true sometimes demonstrate mood changes and other forms of behaviour you might want to have a grudge about, but remember it ain’t easy too to be a woman. All the stress and situations they have to experience are beyond what a man can imagine. Whoever it is….be it your wife, sister, fiance, they require your total care and support. Your ability to provide especially when they are down that is what makes a real man.

Always support and encourage them.

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