Depression During Pregnancy – Warning Signs

If you are experiencing depression during pregnancy, don’t worry there are proven recommendations you should know. Read on to learn what you can do


Depression is a common problem during pregnancy. This condition affects 14-23% of women. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, many women go into depression.

Some women have such a serious depression that they feel sad and frustrated that they have difficulty in caring for themselves and their babies. But the good thing is that its symptoms can be totally managed. So let’s tell you more signs due to depression during pregnancy. 

Know These First

Hormones Cause The Major Part

Hormones directly affect the brain, which controls your emotions and mood. These are the hormones that bring about emotional changes during menstruation, and that causes hormonal depression during pregnancy.

Depression Even Before

If you already have a history of depression, then tell your doctor about this because you are more likely to suffer from depression.

Difficulty In Getting Pregnant

If you have difficulty in conceiving or have had a miscarriage before, then you are more afraid of your child. Women with this kind of stress have a higher risk of depression.

Having looked at a few of these possible risk factors of depression during pregnancy, lets consider some symptoms that might be experienced.

Symptoms of Depression During Pregnancy

Depression is complicated to detect during pregnancy. Symptoms like fatigue, jaundice during pregnancy are common, but if you are in depression, then its symptoms are different.

The following are the symptoms of depression during pregnancy

  • Constant Unhappiness
  • Too much crying
  • Get away from your friends or family members
  • Weight loss
  • Not feeling hungry or feeling hungry all the time
  • The idea of committing suicide comes to mind in rare cases
  • Headache and stomach problem
  • Feeling like consuming harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol
  • Having difficulty in sleeping or sleeping all day (when you feel totally down)
  • Difficulty in thinking, concentrating, and in making any decision


Many women do not treat depression due to shame, and they feel that this symptom is similar to symptoms that occur during pregnancy, which are gone after some time. 

But according to the study, if depression is not treated, then there is a danger of having a lot of problems like premature delivery, child weight loss, and diabetes. 

Due to depression during pregnancy, in many cases, there is a risk of postpartum depression. So if you have depression during pregnancy, then treat it appropriately.

Any Treatment?

If you feel like you are struggling with depression, then the essential step in this situation is to look for help. You can consult with your doctor and tell me about your symptoms and struggles. At that moment, your doctor is the best choice for you and the baby in the womb.

Treatment options

You should consult your doctor on the best option to take for the way forward.

  • Private/ personal psychotherapy
  • Light therapy
  • Medication
  • Meditation
  • Support from groups and friends and family members.

Doing These Might Also Help

  • Exercise
  • Get proper rest
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Acupuncture
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Herbal remedies

These were the few suggestions for the woman who is feeling depressed during pregnancy.

What You Should Never Do

Avoid living alone. You need one person at least all the time with you, which will help you in any critical problem.

A Word From Us

If you are an expecting mother and you feel symptoms of depression, don’t panic you are not alone. Be rest assured that you can deal with it and totally get over it. Make sure you do not abandon yourself or try dealing with the situation all by yourself. We hope you get a safe delivery and our prayers are with you also.

Stay Safe.

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