Watch these videos to learn more about depression and related conditions. Also contains inspirational videos for you.

Rachael’s experience with Electroconvulsive therapy

Watch Rachael’s Experience with electroconvulsive therapy after all other medications did not work for her. Many of us are are scared when we hear about electroconvulsive or electroshock therapy so see what this girl went through and why. Also is an update after a year on Rachael’s experience with electroconvulsive therapy. Watch as she describes …

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Parenting a self harming child – Things to avoid

Parenting a self harming child comes with its own challenges. Watch as Dr Pooky explains things to avoid when you are trying to help your child overcome this habit Read Also: Self Harming Teens – What you can do if your child self harms Other Videos

helping parents with kids who self harm

Managing Stress During Pregnancy

Stress during pregnancy is always a topic of concern for everyone. Whether you are a working mother, a house wife or even a loving husband, the 9 months of pregnancy is no doubt full of stress for all. Watch as experts from Kaiser Permanente explain how pregnant women can manage stress during their pregnancy and …

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dr's advice on pregnancy stress
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