Carnivore Benefits: My Story of Poor Digestion, Acne Depression, IBS

I recorded this in response to the overwhelming disclosure of my video to VP. In mid-2018, Vegetal Police and other YouTube vegans revealed their persistent struggles with acne, mood and IBS / IBD (colitis in the case of Kasey), all of which I felt was necessary to discuss. I had amazing improvements in my health because I added meat to my diet again. It is important that you know that you are not alone in your struggles and to create a place of support on YouTube for those as vice president, here you can see me review comments and answer questions from my video "Message to the Plant Police." *** I edited the principle so you can get the things that are clearly heard.

Video credits to Ashley Noelle YouTube channel

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Carnivore Benefits: My Story of Poor Digestion, Acne Depression, IBS

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  1. Interesting video Ashley. It's amazing how vast of a topic our health is. I try to follow a basic idea of getting a variety in foods, exercise intensity, exercise duration, and eating schedule. My theory is all cultures evolved from very diverse conditions as food availability naturally is seasonal. Also back then I surmise people were doing a lot longer low intensity exercise since just living required it. I think most people now a days would benefit from more time spent doing low intensity physical activities. (So much computer and tv time in our work and personal lives nowadays) That's why people that are passionate about hobbies involving nature as a whole are healthier. They love low intensity long duration exercise. Gardening, birding, fishing, kayaking, trapping, etc have many unrealised benefits. I hope all is well with you, take care!

  2. alex jones is a shill to misinform the mass population, i would suggest you to avoid any product that comes out from him.

  3. How do u get the upload option to take up the whole screen like this vertically? Its so handy for phone views 😁😀

    Great talk by the way ☺☺

    Ive been on the raw primal/keto diet 2 weeks feelin great. The mental clarity is awesome, energy threw out the day. I eat raw organic beef, chiken, raw milk from local farm grass feed and org grass fed butter and raw paster raised eggs. Feelin great!

    Ex vegan stories on sv3ring channel and Ajonis Vanderplatz inspierd me

  4. Well if humans avoiding fruits vegetables or high fibre foods for thousands of years & they have been of course gut Flora or bacteria is going to be completely different from eating animal products-dead cooked foods. So of course you're going to experience stomach problems when you start eating fruit veg especially if you're someone who already has a bad system or bad stomach in the first place.. this doesn't mean that the raw vegan diet isn't our ideal diet of course there are healthy thriving vegans out there.. a lot of people may very well feel better on carnivore diet.

    that will either prove Veg Police was cured or that he has an illness of some kind instead of the endless food experimentation neurosis and temporary "cures"

  6. "Vegetable Police and other vegans". Sorry, Vegetable Police was never vegan. He has made videos talking about how he cheated constantly the entire ten years he pretended to be trying. As to the other vegans, name some? None of the ones I know are interested in switching.

  7. People who are either young, or lucky enough to not be damaged from a prolonged poor diet are able to thrive on our species specific diet, which is predominantly vegan, no wheat, no soy, no grains, and mostly if not full raw.

    The problem here is that when you eat food we're not biologically adapted to eat (animal products) you will inevitably create all sorts of damage. You can have trouble manufacturing cholesterol, taurine, DHA, b12, vitamin A, you won't be able to properly digest sugar, you damage your colon and gut bacteria especially. And you will therefore become reliant on your mistakes. Meat is intrinsically unhealthy, our gall bladder can't process the amount of uric acid that meat produces, our metabolism isn't designed to use fat or protein as a predominant fuel source, it stays too long in our intestines and rots, and we don't have enough HCl in our stomachs to digest it properly.

    Before eating pounds of meat and wasting animal lives you may want to consider healing your gut and identifying the reasons why you can't eat the plants you're designed to eat.

  8. Oh I really hope you are able to get to eat dairy again. It is wonderful!!!! heavy cream in the coffee is just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all this information on your journey!

  9. Guys, I edited this so the first part is missing but this stuff is the nitty gritty so you'll find it more useful this way. 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️

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