Binaural ASMR GLOVE Triggers | Blue gloves of Eargasm | VIZZION ASMR

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In each video, we try to give you the best sounds we can get from our Blue Yeti microphone, for your binaural ear-to-ear hole. We try to unleash you and give you a gentle tingling to help you with your meditation or relaxation. Sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of a man asmr with us. Say goodbye to anxiety, loneliness, insomnia, panic attacks and depression and greet Vizzion asmr.

Thank you for your support and for watching our videos.

Gusti and Paul

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Kevin MacLeod's Colorless Aura is under a Creative Commons attribution license (

Lone Harvest by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license (

Video credits to VIZZION ASMRtainment YouTube channel

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Binaural ASMR GLOVE Triggers | Blue gloves of Eargasm | VIZZION ASMR

Comments 48

  1. Your voice is so relaxing to listen to Paul. You are gorgeous and I can't deny that. I do have eyes you know. I never knew gloves could sound so good. You do a wonderful job so please keep the videos coming. Thank you for calming me. Take care. ❤ xx

  2. Really like this video. You should do latex gloves next time. I believe they are louder. ♥️

  3. Great as always! 😊 My favourite Asmr channel in the whole world ❤️Love from Canada

  4. You must of had the mic set on A lower volume, because for me usually latex glove triggers are pretty noisy due to the fact that people have the mic setting up high.
    Love how this video turned out. I did find it very relaxing k calming. Always glad to see Paul in A video. I really do miss Nick & Max even though they barely were into the making of videos but I still love them both.
    Hope to see another video with Mi Guapo Paul🌹
    Paul should do A video of reading one of his favorite books or one he is currently reading. Or another workout asmr video.
    He can also do as I suggested to gusty of doing A drawing/sketching video with Whispering/rapping!

    Thank you for the video Paul.
    Damn I really need to be more active with all of the social media. Really miss you guys. Keep up with the great content & 100% nice quality videos! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  5. Just a thought or suggestion, if everyone gave Paul $1 towards this microphone, he’d be able to get it in no time. I already gave $10 for my buddy

  6. Microphone: I'm ready for my exam.
    Paul: puts gloves over microphone How about I turn you into a chicken?

  7. Oh thank u for make a different video,please please please do a roleplay video,haircut pleaseeee!!! Kisses

  8. That was bloody amazing gus thank you xxx love your muscles 💪 Toooo 😍😍😍😍

  9. I'm in Love. You don't even need to talk… Just stay in front of the camera smiling and I'll get lost in a daydream.

  10. Guys in the description, there is a link for a paypal for a 3Dio mic, help them and get it!

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