ASMR Happy New Year 🎉 | 1 Hour of relaxing triggers by Gusti + Paul | VIZZION ASMR

We did a New Year's Special, tapping on plastic, glass, some mouth sounds, paper sounds and some more. Almost an hour for you from ear to ear heaven. 💤 🎧ASMR Podcast on all platforms ⬇️
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In each video, we try to give you the best sounds we can get from our Blue Yeti microphone, for your binaural ear-to-ear hole. We try to unleash you and give you a gentle tingling to help you with your meditation or relaxation. Sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of a man asmr with us. Say goodbye to anxiety, loneliness, insomnia, panic attacks and depression and greet Vizzion asmr.

Thank you for your support and for watching our videos.

Gusti and Paul

Video credits to VIZZION ASMRtainment YouTube channel

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    ASMR Happy New Year 🎉 | 1 Hour of relaxing triggers by Gusti + Paul | VIZZION ASMR

    Comments 29

    1. Just found your guys channel and I'm loving your content, not a huge fan of inaudible whispering but I like when you guys do it, also mouth sounds and tapping are 10/10

    2. Hi guys hope your OK happy new year Gusti and Paul. Great video that tapping sound makes me go to sleep its a tingly feeling its strange love it.

    3. Sounds is SO GOOD. especially I praise your industrious. and I love paul's smile🍀(I dont mean i dont love the other two.🤗)
      I have been relaxed for about 6month !! I will be here again.
      please welcome me then!!
      I will always encourage you.
      Greetings from KOREA

    4. Everyone talks about how cute Paul is but Gusti is adorable AF ❤️ Every upload is automatic nap time for me lol

    5. I love you guys! 🙂 I really really like your videos. I wanna a ASMR MUKBANG from Paul. 🙂

    6. If I’m being totally honest, I admit that I subscribed to this channel because of their looks, but continued to watch and support because of the amazing content, collabs and tingly sounds! I never though I’d find so many great inaudible and mouth sounds videos in one channel. So excited to relax with Vizzion in 2018. 🙂

    7. The difference between a numerator and a denominator is a short line.

      …..Only a fraction of people will understand this.

    8. Found your channl by a coincident, Bec. Im from germany and was searching for german YouTuber, but whatever asmr is, i Love it, thx.

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