ANHEDONIA – A Depression Symptom You NEED To Know

Why does everything feel boring? Why don't I have the motivation to do anything? Why am I not happy anymore?

These are all the questions that I as a depressed person would ask, if I did not know what ANHEDONIA is, what is its effect on the brain and how crucial it is to understand depression.

Video credits to ScribblyHoots YouTube channel

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ANHEDONIA – A Depression Symptom You NEED To Know

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  1. I know I'm late here…but I just wanted to say thank you for this. Very informative and well-executed. I definitely enjoyed watching the speedpaint progress while you were talking about this. It turns out that while listening to this video, I found myself relating to certain parts. After having to deal with diagnosed depression for around 2 years (and likely undiagnosed for several years prior), maybe this video was what I needed to try and understand what's been going on.
    As for recommendations, I don't really have anything to offer, although I'm glad to say that the PA community is still standing strong with new levels and collaborations in the works. Maybe when those go live, you can try them out for yourself.
    All I want to say is…thank you for opening my eyes. I hope you find the motivation to get back to doing what you feel like doing.

  2. Once again, I appreciate you making these kind of honest and personal videos. I'm actually living with Depression myself for a while now. Which obviously doesn't make me automatically know what you're currently going through, but I can relate to the symptoms you talk about here. The way you put it "It's liveable, but it's still depression, it still sucks" pretty much sums it up.
    And, respect! That you still try to create content and keep uploading dispite all of that can't be easy. I tip my hat for you good sir!
    No but seriously, I hope that spark/those emotions find their way back to you soon. And that life will be kind to you until then! 🙂

    As for the recommendations, maybe more of these "drawing visualizations of mental health stuff" videos like this one? Or try to draw characters based on one of those "what the f. is my characters backstory?" generators, that always looks like a lot of fun!
    Also, Children of Morta was released a few days back which caught my attention. Haven't gotten around to look deeper into it tho. Maybe that's something for you?
    (That is one long ass comment, sorry about that :'D)

  3. Really sucks that you have to go through this kind of thing. I hope things get better for you soon. As a recommendation, maybe you could try out Human Fall flat? Not sure if it's exactly fitting or not for this channel but it's a little ragdoll puzzle game and it's kind of funny

  4. I cant really relate to this but i hope you get better. Keep the good content but if you need to take a break, take a break. (Ps: great drawing)

  5. Scribs I'm sad to hear this but want to not be down by this. I can't relate with you talking about depression because so far I haven't had it and I'm happy about that, note I'm currently going through my teens. But I have been in dark times myself cus heeeeey my parents divorced and let's just say they weren't very calm about it. There was lots of yelling and it was horrible, but today they still kinda do fight but not as much as before, me and my mum currently are very happy, also this might sound weird but I joke about the divorce so it numbs a bit of the bad memories. Now I just noticed I'm about to cry… Oof. But I hope we can help you power through this tough time of yours, lots of love from me <3.

  6. Why don't you try to draw other symptoms of depression I can personally relate to this video although I don't suffer from depression anymore , I hope you get better

  7. This might strike you as a weird video, with a weirdly serious tone and perhaps an even weirder execution. And that is totally understandable.
    However, the topic of mental illness has had huge importance to me ever since my teens, and today I strive to make my channel a hub for anyone who wants to enjoy both the shallow, hopefully fun entertainment and those who want a comfortable, transparent place to talk about more serious topics we don't get to share with most people in life.

    If you're going through a tough time, know that I can relate in every aspect, especially now, and that we're all in this together peeps.

    -Scribbers <3

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