A 24 year old talks on Depression.

I just finished fighting 6 years of depression. This is a problem among so many young people. More than I realized since I shared this video on Instagram with my peers of only 800 followers.

I feel you need to be here now.

I went from my 6 closest friends to now

30 people that I really loved as humans, but as you know, life puts you on these crazy roads by sending me messages the same day about how they were surprised because they had no idea.

It was only when these same 30 people openly approached me and told me their story after I gained their confidence to go viral.

This is not for you to make your own video because the honest truth of God

I wanted the video to last a minute and just post on Instagram.

It was for 3 minutes and I couldn't feel more relieved in my life.

I let anyone who crossed with me know exactly where I was in this last week to the closest family members who had no idea of ​​the minimums I had.

This is for you to listen to an "average" human who is not close to the millionaire state or somehow


That is none of this.

Everyone is on their own path in life. The moment you accept the only thing and that absolutely guaranteed in life besides death and taxes.

It is this

The only thing you can change in this life is yourself. From the bottom of my heart I didn't know I would get here. I always felt that I would make it. I really didn't think I was going through all this and being able to know how to get out.

It was 6 years without going because I just couldn't. I was not interested in society. He smoked marijuana daily instead of on weekends, such as when he enjoyed his childhood because he was very afraid of taking prescription pills.

I should have been medicated. I will not discuss that.

But I'm here to tell you that if you believe in yourself, you're really going to be better than yesterday.

Believe in the universe. It is real.

Works. Look Gary Vee.

If you don't follow Gary Vaynerchuk and you're still reading my post.

That is my only favor that I ask.

This man, alone, took me out of the mud using his platforms.

My dream is to meet Gary Vaynerchuk with the firmer handshake and resist emotional crying and thank that man. You need to hear it.

If I did, you can too.

Peace and love to all beautiful humans in this world. The world is a better place because you are in it.

Video credits to Aaron Ortins YouTube channel

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A 24 year old talks on Depression.

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