9 Potential Causes Of Depression

9 potential causes of depression. Do you have depression? There is a good chance that it will be yes, the statistics show. But have you ever wondered why? If this is a question that has bothered you for a while, maybe we can help you find the answer. Today, we will discuss some of the causes of depression and, possibly, help you discover what causes your specific depression.

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Genetics and biology: 04:42
Imbalance of brain chemistry: 05:24
Female reproductive hormones: 06:01
Alteration of the circadian rhythm: 06:48
Bad nutrition: 07:22
Serious medical illness: 08:02
Personality: 08:25.
Drugs and alcohol: 08:54


1) Genetics and biology. This could be the hardest to face because you could have the best life, but since it's in your genes, you have to live with depression. According to VERY GOOD MIND: "studies of twins, adoption and family have linked depression with genetics." In addition, they have discovered that having a brother or father with depression also increases their risk factor. This type of thing can be difficult for families, but if you fear that you suffer from a mental illness, try talking to your mom, dad, sister, brother or any other family member about it. You never know what you will discover, and what you two (or more than two) can do to combat this terrible affliction.

2) Imbalance of brain chemistry. This is one of the most popular causes of depression. VERY GOOD MIND has a great article where they explain how depression is caused by an imbalance in neurotransmitters, at least those that are involved in the regulation of mood. Essentially, these neurotransmitters are the ones that help the different parts of your brain to "talk" to each other, and when they are scarce, most of the time you will experience symptoms of depression. Try talking to a doctor about this and maybe you can have them check your brain. Science is still a bit clumsy, but you can do everything possible to try to diagnose yourself.

3) Female reproductive hormones. It's hard enough to be a woman. You have to deal with menstruation, pregnancy and now, you are apparently twice as likely to suffer from depression according to a study conducted by the expert NANCY SCHIMELPFENING. And because the cases of depression are highest during their reproductive years, experts and researchers are beginning to believe that it is due to their hormones. Let's take a look at all the times when your hormones are at their worst: menstrual period, childbirth and perimenopause.

4) Disturbance of the circadian rhythm. Wow, they are many words. Here, we will call it by its most popular name: seasonal affective disorder. Essentially, when your "circadian rhythm" is disturbed (hence the name), you will be more depressed. VERY GOOD MIND explains it perfectly: "The light that enters the eye influences this rhythm and, during the shorter days of winter, when people can spend a limited time in the open air, this rhythm can be interrupted."

5) Poor nutrition. If you have a low amount of certain vitamins, this could be causing your depression. What vitamins, you ask? Fortunately, BEYOND BLUE has a useful list of diets that could be affected most often by depression for us: "[those that are] low in omega-3 fatty acids or with an unbalanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is associated with higher rates of depression.

6) Serious medical illness. It is not only the pain and suffering caused by your illness, but also the stress and anxiety that can cause your depression. In addition, you can get depression from a family member, friend or loved one who has a serious medical illness. Illnesses can be difficult for all of us, and we must stay together to overcome them.

7) Personality. Unfortunately, your depression can be caused by something as small as your personality. BEYOND BLUE helps us understand what types of people might be most affected, specifically: "those who worry a lot, have low self-esteem, are perfectionists, are sensitive to personal criticism or are self-critical and negative".

8) Drugs and alcohol. Finally, the abuse of drugs and alcohol is one of the main causes of depression. In a study conducted by BEYOND BLUE, they discovered that "more than 500,000 Australians will experience depression and a substance use disorder at the same time, at some point in their lives."

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    9 Potential Causes Of Depression

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    1. We're sorry we couldn't be our fun loving, wacky selves during this video, but depression is a real serious issue. If you're having trouble coping, please make sure to visit a medical professional or in the very least, talk to some one that you love. Heck, if you feel comfortable, please share your stories in the comments section below, whether it be words of encouragement or an experience you want to get off your chest. Maybe someone out there will read it and you can help them not feel so alone. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

    2. My overcoming of depression made me realise the capabilities of human beings. It’s scary and inspirational. My heart and soul goes out to all those going through depression πŸ™πŸ™

    3. I think main cause off depression is not following your own way and dreams but others. No matter why. It's soul tears.

    4. Every1, plz… PLZ get & stay well as best as u can. 😞 Depression is much more serious than what it's made out to be. There are depression chats online & ppl w so much similar pains. May ur support start & grow. β™₯ πŸ’

    5. Several are on the list, but unlisted is circumstances . I swear I have vile luck & have been cursed at some pt somehow. I used to have an incredible life until just 1 fam member passed away. It's been downhill since & has been almost 10 yrs ago. .___.

    6. I think the PTSD I have as a result of being raised by an alcoholic mother could be the reason behind my undiagnosed depression. When I do suffer from depression, I actually don't eat at all. I'm never hungry when I'm depressed, but I eat like a pig the rest of the time when I'm not dealing with my depression.

    7. I suffer from severe depression have been for nearly 10 years. What cause me to suffer from depression is what happen back in late June of nearly 10 years ago. When I lost my beloved idol. Before what happen to him. I was one of the world's most biggest MJ fans you could ever want to meet. He was everything to me. But ever since what happen to him. I started to suffer from severe depression. In fact in the first month without him. I lost about 50 pounds. Because eating was literally the very last thing I had wanted to do. Then over time I really put the weight back on. Since I started to turn to food for comfort. But now I am trying to lose the weight since I am the size of a house. Not only do I still suffer from depression. I also suffer from really bad anxiety and panic attacks. If I so much as to see, hear, or read anything that has to do with MJ. Not only that I also have suffer from severe insomnia ever since what happen to him. And it is very good that I have insomnia. Because I won't have those very upsetting vivid nightmares. That I been having on and off ever since then. And I am still haunted by the ones I had from back then.
      But what helps me handle my depression is the following 4 things:

      My Christian religion. Before suffering from depression I consider myself a long time atheist. But ever since I stared to suffer from depression. Forcing myself to go back to my Christian religion is one of the very first things I did. I had to since that was what MJ was.

      Another thing that has helped me is my obsession for video/computer games. And before my depression. I was never in to video/computer games like I am now. I prefer reading books and concentrate on being a devoted Michael Jackson fan. Over playing video/computer games. Now it is the complete opposite for me. Now I very rarely read books. And for obvious reasons 99.5% of my MJ fandom is practically on life support. Playing video/computer games is the only thing that would help take my mind off of him. Well most of the time any way.

      My huge love for all things related to astronomy, the unexplained, and the paranormal.

      And my obsession for all things related to country of India. Most especially their movies and music. I am an American and I am so obsessed with Bollywood movies and Indian music now. That I literally forever sworn off all Hollywood movies. And I am so very thankful that I discover Bollywood back in 2005. Because I really would be dead now. If it weren't for my Bollywood obsession and my Christian religion. Because I was 3 times suicidal during that first horrible year without him. 3 times I had that butcher knife in my hand.

      As for my family that is a huge massive joke. I always did have an uncaring, non understanding, and unsupportive family. And because of that I always have to hide my depression from them. I even remember my mother threaten me during that first month or so without him. She told me that I better snap out of my depression or else. Ever since then I had learn to hide my depression from them. Because my mother alone does not get of why I am constantly always needing video/computer games all of the time. I told her so many times of why I need them. But she still doesn't get it. But my mother is just so very thick headed. And the only real friends I ever have is myself, my 2 cats, my fresh water fish, my stuff animals, video games, my books, and the sims in my Sims games. I really don't know what I would do without them in my life. Most especially my video games and my Sims games.

    8. I've had depression for 27 years and still go to therapy and take meds. When my dad died when I was 10 and losing my mom 5 years later made me depressed. Both wasn't there to see me graduate high school, college, get married and see their grandchildren makes me sad. I'm 37 now, having friends and family members, including my husband who still have their parents around makes me sad, but I'm lucky to have my 87 year old grandma, (who raised me after my mom's death) and my mother-in-law to go to if I needed advice.

    9. I have severe depression and PTSD, I was horribly mentally and emotionally abused from the time I was about 3. My dad was an alcoholic and my mother an enabler. I still suffer from depression but I am going to a psychiatrist now and starting to get better. This video had some great information. Thanks for posting this.

    10. if your father used to beat you up every single day so bad that you ended up in hospitals until the age of 9 because he was an alcoholist veteran that wanted you to be a strict and strong soldier then is that a child abuse? if so then does it have some similar powerful effect on the mid 20's and early 30's as molesting? I finished university as a programmer but can't really integrate to society some doctors said it's "PTSD", I don't want it to be but I can't really be socizalized, I mean I remember I always was a loner in a schools, despite finishing the university and got a nice work place in IT area, still, I don't really talk to people even if I try my best, it always is a stress situation to me, I got prescription medicines such as Benzodiazepines and SSRIs 13 years ago but these chill pills just messed me up even more, can this be as powerful as molesting? thanls for the answers tho…

      edit: I lost 3 relationships and 2 workplaces because of it, even if I try my best, because I'm willing to fght, I'm not a crybaby, I just feel like I have lost that inner-file within me, perhaps it is just "burn-out" or "mental breakdown", whatever the reason is, sometimes I feel like overraged and have no wishes and dreams anymore, I'm really not here to cry, I was just wondering about it…

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