8 Exercises That Help Fight Depression And Make You Happy

Exercise works to activate your brain's endorphins to improve your sense of confidence and well-being. In other words, you can feel good about yourself while improving your physical form at once.


1. Running – 00:37
2. Cycling – 1:45
3. Weightlifting – 2:52
4. Squats – 3:58
5. Pushups – 5:04
6. Sit Ups – 6:17
7. Walking – 7:11
8. Chest press – 8:08


When you run, the level of beta-endorphins in the bloodstream increases. Studies show that endorphins increase after running for two hours. A study focused on 20 professional runners who make two 10km runners over the course of a week. The study found a link between the increase in endorphins and their general feeling of pleasure.
If you feel that running is your thing, you are one step closer to feeling good.

A 2013 study focused on people suffering from depression and taking medications. After participating in 15 minutes of cycling, their cortisol stress hormone levels had decreased, showing a general decrease in depressive symptoms.

Iron pumping has amazing benefits for your mood. There have been numerous studies of weightlifting in people suffering from depression. Those with mild to moderate symptoms saw a great reduction after two or more days of resistance training. It is also known to improve your mood, even if you have not been showing symptoms of depression.

In all seriousness, squats are the real deal. There are few actions more exhausting than placing a heavy weight on the shoulders, bending the knees and moving up and down in a repetitive motion. This type of pressure on your body can help relieve tension and stress. Your mind is now focused on the task of handling this weight, rather than your life problems.

Leg exercises send signals to the brain that begin the production of neural cells. This is also crucial to help diseases such as multiple sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy and motor neuron disease. If you can do it safely, squats are an excellent mental exercise to add to your training regimen.

Pushups are another universally popular exercise with amazing benefits. But unlike squats, you don't need to crawl to the gym to do them. If your depression has left you locked within the confines of your home, a few quick sets of push-ups are a fantastic way to get up … It is not intended to make a pun.
Push-ups can help relieve stress quickly and easily. Through this process, endorphins will be released, which will give your body a great boost. Your mood will improve quickly, making you feel much happier.

Sit Ups
If you are not prepared to do push-ups, this is another great exercise that you can practice from the comfort of your living room. The abs are mainly known for increasing the strength of the core and giving you those hard abs like a rock. But did you know that they also have incredible mental benefits?
Making a proper series of squats can give you confidence that you never knew you had. A 2019 study on schoolchildren showed that their exercise routines were linked to better academic performance. Those who excelled in squats had a particularly good academic performance.

For walk
Up to 30 minutes of walking a day can make you feel like a new person at the end. Middle-aged women who participate in 200 minutes of walking a week have shown a greater capacity to socialize, as well as mood swings in general. They also reported being in better physical shape.
So, if you like the feeling of euphoria caused by a simple walk on your street, walk half an hour. Your mental health will not forget it.

Chest press
Strenuous exercises such as the chest press have been shown to improve the mental health of depressed brain cancer survivors. This was observed during a 12-week training intervention in patients.
Whether you are using free weights or a simple machine, you should make sure you have the correct format down before going to work. Otherwise, this training can be extremely dangerous and mental health will not be the only thing you will attend.

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8 Exercises That Help Fight Depression And Make You Happy

Comments 22

  1. People who love eating and dont want to move their ass then start eating healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies. 60 percent you are healthy without doing anything just eating.

  2. I would consider doing a few of these exercises, if not all of them. The fitter i am the better!

  3. I been a depression sufferer for over 10 years. It all has to do with the lost of idol MJ. And the only exercise on here that I can really do is walking indoors on a treadmill. Since I live in an unsafe town. So walking outside is not possible for me.

    Another exercise I can't do is ride a bicycle. I am almost 40 and I never once learn how to ride a bicycle. I can't run because of my leg health problems that I have. I can't do push ups, pull ups, and sit ups. Ever since I was a kid I been unable to do them. No matter how hard I tried.
    As for chest pressing I don't even know what that is. Since I never even heard of it before.

    And besides at one time I used to exercise all of the time on the treadmill. But it never made me feel any better. So I have since stop. Only video games, My love that I have for India mainly their movies and music, and my Christian religion are the only things that made me feel better. So much that my depression is not as bad as it used to be.

  4. I don't run but a do brisk walking, and it makes feel free as a bird and the feeling that I can do anything…. really.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š I'm going to incorporate situps.

  5. I love to dance for exercise. It's the only way i can exercise without feeling like I'm exercising. Lol

  6. make a vedio on" Most bullied sign of the zodiac, ranking down from least to most." I am eagerly awaiting for this. please, make this.

  7. 1) running on a regular-runners high
    2) cycling
    3) weightlifting/ resistance training
    4) squats- real deal leg exercises
    5) push-ups
    6) sit ups increase core strength and academic improvement
    7) walking – nature walking ( 30 mins improves mood)
    8) chest press- free weights or machine

  8. I love besties’s videos. They are awesome❀️❀️❀️🀟🀟

  9. I run excersize is so good for mental health and especially your mind when you sit around doing nothing your mind will go crazy

  10. Have you been feeling low lately? Would you consider any of these exercises? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

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