Month: June 2020

Electroconvulsive Therapy-All you should know

Not everyone is comfortable with electroconvulsive therapy. This post discussses this therapy as one of the forms of depression solutions or treatments Electroconvulsive Therapy in Mental Health Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is one of the most controversial treatments used in mental health. While some psychiatrists believe that ECT is an effective life-saving psychiatric treatment, others have …

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Medications that cause depression

If you are not sure if your drug is one of those medications that cause depression, here is a list of medications that you should know about Medications can cause depression If you think you are on one of the medications that cause depression, you may be right. Certain medications prescribed for various medical conditions do cause …

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Multiple Sclerosis and Depression

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? You might want to know the connection between multiple sclerosis and depression to understand some of the symptoms you feel Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis, is a degenerative disorder and it is long-lasting. The disease destroys the protective coating around nerves that helps the brain send signals. This destruction affects the brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves …

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Antidepressants Side Effects

Have you been placed on antidepressants? Here are some of the side effects of antidepressants and advice on what to do if you experience them. Are you on a course of antidepressants? Treatment of clinical depression involve the use of antidepressants most times. These medications can relieve you of many symptoms of depression you currently feel. But side …

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Untreated Depression- A Gradual Degeneration

Are you still lingering on getting support for your depression or not? Here are some consequences of untreated depression. Get help today Untreated Depression Untreated depression can be described as a gradual degenerative condition. Depression when not detected early,gradually eats away anyone affected by it. A lot can happen in just a relatively short period of time. From …

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