10 Foods That Trigger Anxiety!

These are 10 foods that can cause anxiety! What we eat can really have an impact on our anxiety levels and anxiety symptoms. My anxiety symptoms were often aggravated by certain trigger foods!

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So how do we overcome anxiety or overcome anxiety disorder? These are tips you should try every day to stop your anxiety! Do not skip any day and remember that there will still be bad days. It is how we handle bad days, which determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your deep causes of anxiety. Practice gratitude every day! Everyone has something to be grateful for! Be sure to exercise every day, eat healthy, keep a diary, take a multivitamin, practice meditation in the mornings and afternoons, practice CBT, maintain orientation or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation videos and others, join to online support groups and The most important thing is to do this every day and don't give up! Thank you very much for the comment, stay in touch and subscribe if you have not had the opportunity!


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*** Disclaimer *** I am not a licensed physician or mental health professional. This material is based on my life experiences and other research for educational purposes. I encourage you to always seek the help of a professional and this content is not meant to replace that!

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10 Foods That Trigger Anxiety!

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  1. If you are interested in anxiety life coaching, email me! [email protected]yahoo.com (Only for those who are serious about recovery) Thank you so much for watching! Like this video if you received value, hit the share button, leave a comment, and subscribe if you havent! There are many resources in the description along with my tips for anxiety! Answer the comment question below and get a chance at a shoutout in my next video! Keep fighting guys! Love you all!

  2. Help pls. I am aware I have anxiety, and know I dont have a disease, but I'm still having shortness of breath. Please answer. I need help, I think I might have lung cancer. I'm only 14

  3. Wow. My mom has been telling me to change my foods that I eat and take in less sugars and I always thought it never controlled my anxiety. Now that I see this I owe her an apology, thank you for helping us with getting through anxiety

  4. I am in the process of recovering right now. My anxiety and panic attacks are very minimal now.. I can control them way better. The struggles that i have right now is excessive belching, my stomach became gassy because of anxiety.. Mostly when i am hungry and after i eat.. And very minimal depersonalization. I hope i can find a better way to fix them.. Cheers guys! 😀 always wear your smile. 💪🙏

  5. Trey so I drank 2 glasses of milk (big mistake).
    And ate something greasy after that (mistake)
    And I feel nauseous and cough and shortness of breathe got little worse and yesterday I cried so much when I was coughing hard I thought I was gonna die and I was crying

    Is it normal for anxiety to feel like this ?

  6. What you are doing is magic mate helping so many people X binge drinking at weekends made me so bad hangovers instead anixity…. Keep up the good work pal!

  7. Do any of you guys eat so much more than usual? I feel the need to eat like every 2-3 hours. Shaky feeling like it might be hypoglycemia.

  8. For me sugar, coffee and alcohol…I don’t drink coffee and don’t overeat but having a hard time stopping drinking alcohol…it just sends me in this vicious cycle of anxiety and depression. It’s bad, I know…I have to stop☹️

  9. Sugar detox withdrawal triggers my anxiety minimal caffeine doesn't…and also not eating enough calories a day, also lack of sleep. But that's changed now I'm doing better now that I know what to avoid and not do…

  10. I love coffee but I drink decaf because since I have epilepsy too, I get very shaky and that causes my family to worry about me.

    I may not drink alcohol because it is awful but I do worry for my real father when he drinks because I do get upset and then I start crying when people I love get angry and yell at me being like that or just anger at general.

    I stayed away from sugary foods for breakfast because when I was caught eating poptarts and doughnuts with my tea, my stepfather gave me and my sisters a long lecture. I was worried that I would be nothing and not be loved.

    I'm not a fan of condiments in my food I just like sour cream but only a bit.

    I do like fried foods like fries and mozzarella sticks but it doesn't give me anxiety. But the only thing that gives me anxiety that is based from fried foods is getting burned, or if I accidently pour some on me when I'm about to have a small seizure.

    So I'm going to make a change with what I'm doing because I am drinking more water than I have with drinking fruit juice.

    What triggers my anxiety with food is chocolate but not when I eat it. It's that since we have three cats, I told my siblings to not leave anything chocolate related stuff around the house, even if it's tiny because I don't want them to die.

  11. Caffeine! Always always caffeine. Which kind of sucks for me because I always look forward to my coffee in the morning to help me wake up and get going. It’s such a battle. 😔

  12. Best Salt and Natural are Himalayan and Celtic Sea Salt. They both have minerals our bodies need the Himalayan salt has 82 minerals and the Celtic Sea Salt has 84 but the salt iodized has only 2 minerals and this salt is BLEACHED that why is so BAD and for sure raises our blood pressure.
    That’s why stay close to nature when putting food in your body when you have a change of heart to start eating healthy you will come to realized how DANGEROUS the foods we consume thinking the FDA cares about us Nope! Think again it’s all about the $$$, that’s what they care about making more $$and that’s why a lot of people are getting sick.
    We need to wake up and spread the word for people to get on a Health Kick, and go back to eating Nature’s Food or its also called Organic, I salute Vegans consumer,they knew way before All the Dangerous Food we are consuming.
    Let’s wake up brothers and sisters…

  13. Before I had anxiety, I would drink basically 4 cups of regular coffee in the morning and 4 after work in the evening. One night I had the coffee, then decided to go out to eat and ordered soda without thinking much about it. Probably had 2-3 glasses of Cola. That night right after was the first time I felt like I was going to die. I ended up going to the emergency room. Nobody even mentioned caffeine. I didn't figure that out til later. Now I keep 1/2 caff coffee and decaf coffee at the house. I blend it together in the morning. Mostly decaf.

  14. I feel like caffeine is my problem. I drink 2 cups in the morning then usually soda later in the day. I fear over a brain tumor but I haven’t gotten any headaches lately.. Just mild to moderate shooting pain on the top back of my head that comes and goes that lasts for a second if anything. Has me on edge, anybody else?

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