Zehan Theek Tw Sab Theek (Program # 15) Medically Unexplained Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

Symptoms, causes and treatment without medical explanation.

In this program, Amir Hashim and Dr. Huma are discussing symptoms, causes and treatment of symptoms, causes and medically unexplained treatment, to raise awareness so that people can have an early diagnosis that could lead to better treatment

Medically unexplained symptoms, causes and treatment:
We all have bodily signs, painful or uncomfortable feelings in the frame, at different times in our lives.

Usually, they become taller by themselves, without any remedy. If they don't, we would ask a doctor approximately. Usually, a bodily cause can be located; however, sometimes it cannot be done, even if blood tests and x-rays or scans have been performed.

Symptoms like this are common. They can be called "medically unexplained symptoms", due to the fact that they are no longer due to a physical infection within the framework. However, they can be explained, but to do that, we want to think of reasons that are not simply physical.

We hope that this data can also be useful if you are a relative, friend or caregiver of someone with such symptoms.

Many people with medically unexplained signs and symptoms, which include fatigue, pain and coronary palpitations, also have depression or tension.

Treatment of a related mental problem can regularly relieve physical symptoms.

For others, the signs and symptoms may be part of a misunderstood syndrome, such as:

Persistent Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): also known as MS
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Fibromyalgia (pain throughout the body)

The fact that doctors cannot discover a condition that inflicts those signs is not uncommon in the remedy, and does not suggest that nothing can be achieved to help.

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Zehan Theek Tw Sab Theek (Program # 15) Medically Unexplained Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

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