“You Will Be Found” from the DEAR EVAN HANSEN Original Broadway Cast Recording

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Now on Broadway.

The award-winning musical Grammy and Tony.

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A letter that was never intended to be seen, a lie that was never meant to be told, a life that he never dreamed he could have. Evan Hansen is about to get the one thing he always wanted: the opportunity to fit in finally.

Both deeply personal and deeply contemporary, DEAR EVAN HANSEN is a new American musical about life and the way we live it.


Music box theater
239 West 45th Street
Between avenues 7 and 8

Video credits to Dear Evan Hansen YouTube channel

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    “You Will Be Found” from the DEAR EVAN HANSEN Original Broadway Cast Recording

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    1. I was about to end it all when my friend cane crying and tried to stop me, I didn't listen to her. She then put me headphones and put this song, I started to cry so badly…

      Thank you for this, I'm very thankful…

    2. "Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of no where"
      Me:one time i got lost in walmart…
      "You will be found"
      Me:I was found..

    3. I'm tearing up thinking about making a video with the song and the soccer team in Thailand, the many survivors of school shootings, suicide attempts, depression overcame, and anyone else who suffered and made it though, everyone who was found.

    4. the choir at my school played this for the 8th graders at my school. i’m friends with a lot of the 8th graders. they’ve helped me with a lot. by the end of the song, the choir, the 8th graders, a few people in band (i’m also in band) and me were sobbing.

    5. I can't be the only one to be binging musical songs, with nothing but sad songs!

    6. No matter how many times I listen to this, I cry EVERYTIME. So beautiful and so much emotion. 💜

    7. This song and 'This Is Me' from the Greatest Showman are so powerful. 'You Will Be Found' tells you that no matter how bad you are feeling, there will always be someone willing to help you; someone that gives you happiness. 'This Is Me' tells you to not be ashamed of who you are; embrace your differences.

    8. I sang this to my poor lost phone, also, this actually cured my depression. My depression I had for 4 years.

    9. “Well, let that lonely feeling wash away”

      “Maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay.”

      I love this part so much !!!

    10. Just remember, someone can't be found unless someone else goes out to look for them first. We all need to go out and find each other. Then one day none of us will be lost

    11. I just heard this live performed by my college and I can die happy knowing I heard this song.

    12. I always start SOBBING when everyone starts singing after they all say thank you. It just… Whoof… I… Oh god

    13. This song is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.. one of my close friends has been struggling with depression and has been seeing a therapist luckily, but I really thought she should hear this song, so I sent it to her. She hasn’t responded yet, but I at least hope she got it.

    14. When will I be found?
      I'm tired
      I wanna rest for awhile
      I wanna be happy again
      I don't wanna feel insecure again💔

    15. i found myself in a dark place last week and i don't i'd be here today if it wasn't for this song and this musical

      thank you dear evan hansen for finding me

    16. Another blast of thepast/next step in the story
      Have you ever felt like nobody was there have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere have you ever felt like you could disappear, like you could fall and no one would hear…
      For me eight grade and freshman year felt like I’ve lost everyone important to me at the time, the real only friends I have rarely responded, and I really didn’t have too many friends at the time

      Well, let that lonely feeling wash away, maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be OK, because when you don’t feel strong enough, you can reach, reach out your hand, and someone will come running, and I know they’ll take you home… even when the dark comes crashing through when you need a friend to cary you, and when you’re broken on the ground… You will be found, so let the sun come streaming in because you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again, if you only look around, you will be found
      After wandering a few months, feeling battered and broken getting rejected from my friend, to not really talking to that many other friends, I got found, at the time to be soon good friend, and future girlfriend

      The next step in the story
      There’s a place where you don’t have to feel unknown, every time that you call out, you are a little less alone, if you only say the word, from across the silence your voice is heard
      Thanks too well, all the disasters that happened, I was turned into an emotional wreck, and especiallysince a friend left due to some drama, because of that I started talking to my mom, and I feel better after havinga crying session, and the same thing to my other friends,

      All is new, all is new
      Everything just feels new, even if it still the same people, it just feels brand new
      You are not alone, you are not alone
      I have my family, I have my friends, and now I have my girlfriend, I am not alone
      I,have been found

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