You Are Not Alone! Mental Health | Depression | Photography

Mental health is as important as your physical health, so join the most difficult video I've made, edited and published.
In this video, I answer some questions I received from a Instagram story post along with some of my own knowledge about the fight against depression and mental health problems. You're not alone!
Share this, share it if it helps you, share it if you think it will help someone else. The only way to overcome mental health and depression is to work together so that it is understood.
Yes, this is a long video, but I really could not shorten it more than this, I hope you stay until the end and leave me a comment.
I have personally dealt with depression and mental health problems for more than 10 years. The first time I really remember was around 14.
I know many other people who fight every day and talk to me about it, because they know I understand.
Depression and mental health is not a simple disease or illness, it is extremely dangerous and can take your life. I've been there, I've started making plans to end my life.
If you want to post your depression stories below, for others to see that they are not alone, feel free to do so! You're not alone!

Does depression ever disappear? No, not really. Depression and anxiety are forms of mental illness. You can receive medications, CBT training or other speech therapies, but most are ways of coping and how to handle it.
Does having a mental health problem make you a minor person? NO! you are as human as the rest of the population, in any case, you will find that you are more affectionate and loving than others. You put all your effort into making people smile, you try to help others deal with mental health.
Personally, I believe that photography is positive and negative to help me. Photography helps me to leave the house, it gives me the impulse to do something and I love it. But then we take the image, edit it and publish it on social networks. Where you expect me to receive likes and attention. This can give you instant gratification, but it can also hurt when it doesn't work as well as you expected.
Social networks are harmful to mental health; You just need to learn to handle it.
I hope this video has touched even 1 person and possibly removed them from the edge. I've been there, trust me, it's not a good place to be. Come back from the edge and let's talk. A shared problem is a divided problem.
Just remember, you are NOT alone!

Thank you,
Adam / Wadger Catcher

#youarenotalone #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

Video credits to Wadger Catcher YouTube channel

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You Are Not Alone! Mental Health | Depression | Photography

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  1. I aim to reply to every comment, To those who don't comment or don't have an account, take this as a personal thank you, Thank you for watching! – Adam

  2. Have been away and only just had the chance to watch your video,by the end my wife was asking why I had tears on my cheeks and had become emotional, a lot of what you said could have been me talking, having suffered from depression all my life, your video was remarkable with its honesty and frankness the way you address the has always been difficult to talk to people because it always feels `embarrassing ` that a grown man should feel like this. Very well done for this film and I feel mental health charities should be knocking on your door for permission to use it

  3. So so important that you published this video!!! Most of us struggle with some sort of mental health issues or are endanger of developing them and it is DEFINITELY not talked about openly enough. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Brilliant, brave, courageous and very honest, deffo agree on the "if it only helps 1 person" approach, complete empathy for anyone who suffers or has suffered with mental health problems, stats say its 1 in 4 people suffer, I lost a Paramedic friend to suicide many years ago, still hurts to this day, if only he had opened up a little, I thought I knew him, spent ages training and completing the 3 peaks with him. Hopefully vloggs like this do a huge amount to encourage and support family and friends, The Chimp Paradox (book) helped me understand my own PTSD, counselling and taking ownership of my own thoughts, filing the bad memories in a positive way takes time and skill but once learned, your armoury gets stronger. Some wicked images Adam 🙂

  5. I feel I need to comment I was so impressed with your courage in sharing this. My son suffers from mental health issues and I hope he will watch this. I follow your photography so this was a bit of a surprise. However, it was the one which made the biggest impact. I wish I could show this to everyone who knows my son to help them understand.

  6. thank you adam for sharing this. the best about social media is meeting new people that share your passion and then meet them in the real world.

  7. Thank you for the very open video. I don't know if I had mental health problems, but I had very hard time mostly caused by my parents. A lot of quite bad thinkgs have happened in my life. My solution has been, if things are hard then I need to try harder. If something negative has happened I ask myself how to turn it in something positive. I am lucky that I am on the mentally stronger side as my nature, and I do realize that not everyone is like that and sometimes might need help. Once again thank you for sharing! I watched it to the end on fb and now logged to YouTube to comment.

  8. Great video Adam and you especially put your points across very clearly. I see it quite often at work when we have a passenger that has obvious mental health issues how cruel and nasty other, probably nice enough people in any other situation, passengers can be. I feel it's more of a guard they put up to defend themselves, if I'm nasty to them they won't sit near me and I won't have to deal with them. Sometimes I just want to go to that passenger and say "if they jumped overboard because of your actions to them how would you feel then?" Unfortunately I have to bite my tongue and that doesn't come naturally to me. I love your videos and I really like the fact you're honest in all of them.

  9. Thanks Adam. I watched all the way through. I recognised a lot of what you talked about in my own experiences through life including how I’m feeling at the moment. I just want to say well done for openly giving an insight into your experiences. I know it’s not easy and I can’t do it. I lost someone I thought was my best friend by opening up how I was struggling with my mental health about 2 years ago. He didn’t know how to help me and pushed me away. He didn’t realise, even tho I told him he didn’t have to make it better. I didn’t want him to make it all go away. I just trusted him to listen and not judge. He couldn’t do either of those things. Now I keep my thoughts to myself. It’s for the best. Nice to know I’m not alone tho. Part of me wishes I was. I’d not wish this on anyone else. Thanks for reading (if you did).

  10. Absolutely amazing video Ad! Very honest and sincere with a breathtakingly beautiful background and with your sarcasm that I adore. Mental health problems need to be spoken about as openly and easily as physical health problems but unfortunately a lot of people aren't there yet, myself included. But times are changing and videos like this will massively help. Keep fighting the fight Ad! X

  11. Awesome video mate on a great subject close to my heart as well as I also suffer from Mental health ie Depression. The best parts of social media and youtube to me is the community we have around us and for me it is what helps to lift me up and focus on the positives. For everyone who suffers we are all with you all you have to do is reach out!.
    Well done mate for doing this video it is an important message to get out there 😉👍✌

  12. All too familiar with ‘putting on a brave face’ (I come from a family where poor mental health is seen as a shameful weakness, so I’ve hidden my quiet desperation for far too many awful periods of my life). Last year a friend of one of my kids committed suicide at 19 – a lively young man, and the life and soul of any party. The one thing I told my kids to take from this is that they don’t just need to pay attention to those who are obviously struggling, but also to those who are suddenly laughing a bit louder, taking a few more risks, acting out a bit more than usual, because those people might just be walking the high wire over the pit. Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time talking to a counsellor, which has really helped me, so my biggest piece of advice for anyone who is struggling is to find someone to talk to – and if you’re lucky enough to not be struggling, then pay attention to those around you and be ready to ask and to listen! Thank you for this video 🙂

  13. I have had depression for 14 year after damaging my back. Photography is so therapeutic that I find the pain is a lot less. And also if I am out with friends with there camera's

  14. Thanks for sharing your story Adam. The irony of you posting this is that yesterday, the day you post this, was one of those down days for me. I could barely function and had to leave work early to take care of myself. Thankfully I have a boss who understands the struggles of mental health and it was not an issue. You are right that this is something we will always have to deal with. Thanks to the help of my counselor I've learned to Identify when i'm struggling and the tools to help me ride out those down times. I strong suggest to anyone dealing with mental health issue to seek help, a good counselor and a network of those that truly support you can literally save your life, and mitigate the struggles of the down time. Thanks again. Doug.

  15. My brother from another mother….you are a fantastic person and a great photographer. Having mental health issues is not easy to deal with let alone laying it on the line like you have. You did a great job describing exactly what its like to have an issue and not allowing others in or not wanting to do anything. I have PTSD with severe anxiety and panic disorder but I don't portray that in my videos to people. I understand exactly what you are saying in this video and sometimes its hard. You are very brave person to put this out there and like you said, if it helps just one person – its all worth it! Always know I am here and always know that even though I am across that big pond – my door is always open to both you and Anna! Hugs and a lot of love!!

  16. Thank you for your honesty Adam. It was touching, raw, and intimate. I hope I never suffer from this. But I hope i could be there for someone who is.

  17. Well done Adam thanks for sharing this very important topic. Well done mate keep it up, im sure you have helped lots of people not just one👍

  18. Thank you so so much for this video. It's how I've learnt to cope with my own mental health. SPEAK OUT and don't bottle it up inside. If you can find the strength please please talk to someone.

  19. Understanding your demons is the hardest but the most rewarding thing you can do to yourself. Learning what wakes the demon and being able to say "I know you, I know what you're trying to do to me" and working with that understanding to be able to manage it, even if it's just a little bit but it's that little bit that helps so much.

    That's a small part of how I deal with my own demons. I learnt my triggers. That doesn't mean I don't speak to my demons, they're always there but it's now I'm able to talk to it and push it away, deflect it so that i see the trigger that woke it up and I can then tell myself why its awake.

    Well that made sense in my head.

    Beautiful video, more nails hit there than a sofa being made a DFS. Banger

    Well done for putting that online, sharing yourself in this way and for the things you said.

  20. Hi Adam, I’ve only recently found your channel. Thanks for sharing this video, I have watched it all the way through and ended up tears rolling down my cheeks but it has really helped me. I am now mid 50’s and never suffered from any mental health problems other than feeling a bit low sometimes. Recently I have started struggling with my mental health due to workplace bullying by management after doing my job for 30 years. I am currently on my second spell off work due to this. I have a couple of really good friends who are helping me through this time, I have also managed to get some professional counselling sessions sorted which I’m starting next week (hope they help) Thanks again. Dave

  21. This a wonderful vlog ….so true for me …but photography is my way of handling it …when i'm out here just me and my camera …nothing else matters for those few hours …..thank you

  22. You're far from alone in dealing with depression & other mental health issues. I follow at least two photography YouTubers who have discussed, either on video or at a seminar I attended, their own bouts with depression. I have several family members with mental health issues. Two are getting help. One is in total denial and refuses to even discuss it. I thank you for being transparent and willing to bare your true self, and for being there for others.

  23. You got it spot on mate. You explained everything really well and it really resonated with me. It was a tough watch for me as it's so close to home but entirely necessary to spread this message.

    Sometimes it's not okay to not be okay as those who say it is aren't prepared to hear what we really have to or want to say but someone out there will listen and will help and that's why we all need to help and support each other.

  24. Thanks for making this vid, you have nailed it, I do suffer, but I have been lucky and never been suicidal. Your description of what it feels like, that feeling when you are down and can't understand why, is spot on. Keep making the videos, do you know, a high percentage of creative people suffer with depression ?

  25. fantastic video you should be proud of how honest and open youve been about the subject as my daughter suffers with certain issues as well and i know how hard she struggles talking about things
    well done putting it out there

  26. I can't pretend to have any experience at all with mental health but I do take my hat off to you, sir. Good on ya for putting out there!

  27. I couldn't be more proud of you!
    I know how hard this was for you to film, I was balling my eyes out behind the camera so god knows how you managed it.
    I wouldn't be here without you and your support, you've been the stable, sensible part of my brain since I was 16 years old. Sure I don't always listen to you but you are always there to pick me back up again.
    Thank you for being an inspiration, for supporting me always and for always having my back when my brain gets cloudy ❤️

  28. Nice one mate, my partner suffers from mental health issues and to be honest it gets me down at times. But I tend to support as much as I can and we get through. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Adam, I did watch this all the way through and not one thing you said would I disagree with. Having worked for over 30 years as an emergency responder, I have seen close at hand the impact of colleagues experience mental health issues so I know this topic would not have been easy to have discussed therefore you should be commended for your openness in discussing your own situation. I would go as far as saying this is not just for those who are experiencing what you are experiencing, but also will provide a better understanding for those persons who may have a family member, a friend or a colleague who may be in the same situation as but don't fully grasp the impact mental health can have on someone's life.

  30. Hi Adam. Just finished watching your video ……one word my friend "AWESOME". My son suffers from Mental Health Issues. I'm going to make sure he watches this. Thank you for posting this video.

  31. Adam , you’ve done a wonderful job on a very important topic .. thanks for your honesty and raw feelings .. the intro into the video I felt was perfect and you carried me and others I bet through to the end ..I love how you attach music to your memories as these have an instant ability to bring you back to a place and time with memories that I bet you can even smell..
    For me a phrase that has kept me going is from Henry Ford .. if you think you can or think you can you’re right ! It’s the first thought that matters and once we as you said know that we control them it helps to take that first step..
    From knowing you I can recall the raw emotion you had at the end of your video from our trip which showed how much you love to get out and have the fun and craic which is when you are truly happy ..
    Well done Adam !!

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