Why this Veteran with PTSD Talks About his Feelings and Dog ft pbjvaillancourt

Patrick is a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, and he thinks it's important to talk about his feelings. Having the signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder can be difficult for veterans and for many others, so Patrick is truly inspiring. Patrick also has a dog that helps with his mental health. It has a lot of suggestions on how to deal with the symptoms of PTSD in your channel and instagram.

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    Why this Veteran with PTSD Talks About his Feelings and Dog ft pbjvaillancourt

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    1. Just came across your channel. I really like what you’re doing here. Breathe of fresh air. Thank you!

    2. Super interesting. In old Japanese culture, it’s not socially acceptable to talk about feelings (at least that is the way it was presented to me). If I tried to talk about my feelings with my family, it was a huge sign of disrespect. But it is most certainly important to talk about feelings. I managed to open up a bit and it helped me a great deal. I think that’s why a lot of Japanese artists are so intense in the way they write mangas or movies. We don’t have any sort of outlet other than art. It’s acceptable to be expressive as a artist, but not as a person. The suicide rate in Japan is still pretty high. (Btw my family hates me for talking so publicly about mental health, except my mom 🐈). Very proud of Patrick. And his dog is so cute!

    3. As for sharing feelings I'm an introvert, fall under the Thinking side rather than the Feeling side if you were to look at the MBTI and I grew up in an environment where sharing thoughts and feelings was dangerous. I'm working on sharing those a little more now when I feel like the person I'm talking to is supportive and the next step is to do that even when I don't know somebody. By showing vulnerability and putting my cards on the table it gives others a pass to do the same leading to potentially more meaningful connections.

    4. Therapy dogs are great for veterans. No demands aside from the basic food and walks. And walking is a great way to sort your thoughts and feelings so it only helps for veterans to go for a walk with their dogs 🙂 Dogs are also team players and I believe the military focuses very much on teamwork which I think a lot of veterans miss when they are discharged.

    5. Why do I feel like I've seen this before? LoL Oh right because I was in the live chat when you busted this out haha!

    6. I love the Boba fit t-shirt 😂
      I think for me the biggest reason it's difficult to talk about mental health and issues I have, is because:
      1. Fear of being judged
      2. When you do say something, some people won't take your issues seriously, or I have heard other people say to me or others "get over it"

    7. 👐 Jazz hands 👐
      Thanks for the share amigo. I find it hard to consistently post about mental health which is why I go back and forth between travel stuff and MH. Still trying to find a healthy balance. I've learned a lot about myself from my current travels to LA and back. Pretty excited to share my two cents on that.
      Love what you do with mental health and how much volume you provide. You're doing a great job and helping many. God speed ✌️

    8. "Don't forget to talk about your feelins, cuz no one's gonna do it for you".. Yes! I've been diagnosed with C-PTSD, GAD, and MDD. My first diagnosis of PTSD was at 13, I'm 46 now and still very much experiencing the symptoms full time, and trying to work thru it.

    9. Rewired found you thru Rockin Robertas channel my a kind Soul thanks for doing what you do Its A Blessings to see Love enter the HEART it heals would love to chat sometime on collaboration to Heal I an a Natural Healer and would love to help your cause too Be Blessed My Beloved BROTHER Great Courage and Willpower Patrick I am proud of you May the DIVINE Breath bring Peace upon your HEART

    10. As an introvert, it's really hard for me to talk about my feelings to my family. Because, every time I talk about it, they just shut my mouth up and considering that my feelings is not important for them. They never want to listen to me.

    11. OMG CHRIS! I wrote my first comment before even getting into Patrick's part, and I relate to this guy SO MUCH! Like holy moly! I want to convert a vehicle into a home and live in it with my husky! Like WHAT? And all the similarities with depression and anxiety. This guy is so freaking cool! Thanks for having him on the channel!

    12. Never think that having men guest on the channel isn't as relatable for your female audience. A lot of us lack men in our lives who have the skills to communicate their feelings, and having examples shown on the channel can help us clarify how to talk to those men in our lives or to cut them out of our lives. It exposes that feelings for men are normal, and that there are men out there who aren't afraid to be vulnerable, which some people don't get exposed to.

    13. You’re my neighbor! I live in Seattle, I need to get to Vancouver one day. It’s on my to-do list. Thanks for your service young man. I too am a Veteran OIF. I too was diagnosed with PTSD. I would love to live in a van but I don’t think my cat will like it.:) Hehehehhe I’ll subscribe to your channel Pat. I have a channel too where I talk about my feelings. I’m an opiate addict so I talk a lot about addiction and recovery. I am currently in recovery. Happy Veterans Day coming up!! Xooxoxo
      Thx for sharing this Chris.

    14. I absolutely love that you’re helping to instigate an environment where men can talk more candidly about their feelings. It’s so important yet oftentimes overlooked, especially for those who have suffered traumatic events. Love you man! 💖

    15. I have an ex that is a veteran. He did some time on Iraq. He does have PTSD. He got a medical marijuana card. He smokes because he says it helps him from having bad dreams. That's all he would ever share with me. He wasn't good at talking about his feelings and it was one of the reasons we aren't together anymore. Felt like I was living with a stranger most the time. ☹️
      I subbed to Patrick last week when you mentioned him. I enjoy his channel.

    16. I definitely agree that for men its less acceptable for men to have/discuss mental health issues. It's refreshing to see people becoming so open and honest with their following about their feelings and struggles. Watching your videos and others has definitely helped me open up about my mental health.

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