Why I Vlog & How YouTube has Become My Outlet | My Depression Story 2018

I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for the last few months, but I wanted to show how YouTube has become my way out, and the reason why vlog, this is my story of depression.

This is my story of depression and how I use YouTube to fight it, and well, why vlog?


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If you still wonder why I'm depressed or if you just wonder how you can deal with depression, I hope this video will at least show you a smile on your face, because sometimes that's all we need. People do not seem to understand how difficult it really is to deal with depression, well, that's how I manage my depression. I hope this also motivates others.

I wanted to make this video to tell my story to the world, and let everyone know that dealing with depression is not easy. I know there are many different outlets, but for me it has become YouTube, all the support and love I get is really extraordinary, along with your support, I can overcome this point in my life.

So I wanted to share my story with you about how I really use YouTube to fight my depression, and I hope that someone else who is struggling or dealing with depression can be motivated.

"It is very difficult to explain to people who have never known serious depression or anxiety because of the constant intensity of it, there is no off switch." -Matt Haig

There are points in my daily life in which I have no will to get up or even move, I only sleep all day, I have always heard that dealing with depression would be difficult, but to be honest, only people who suffer from it can know it. how it feels, so this is my daily struggle with depression and how I'm healing from it.

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    Why I Vlog & How YouTube has Become My Outlet | My Depression Story 2018

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    1. **************************************************
      ❌❌❌Have you dealt with a depression or currently suffer from it let us know in the comments below!
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    2. I have dealt with similar things. Very good video! And very brave opening up to the world, I don’t know if I could do this.

    3. Great vlog Man!! That must of been terrifying but I'm glad you are coping well here on YouTube! Keep in touch with me on FB I'll find some time to come over to Amsterdam 😊😁

    4. Schon heftig wie ein so kurzer Moment das Leben verändern kann. Tolles Video. Ich wünsch dir alles Gute für die Zukunft und dass du wieder richtig fit wirst. Liebe Grüsse – Vanessa

    5. Hi Josi. Very good video, very honest, thanks for sharing your pain my friend.
      I've just lost some loved one and honestly is not easy to be creative on these days 🙁
      Keep it positive and better days will come my friend

    6. Youtube is a great outlet and talking with fans and growing a community is huge but also don't rely on it to heavily because there are haters that will try to bring you down even more

    7. Bro, I truly appreciate you sharing your experience. This platform can be such a healthy outlet (you know I believe that). You're helping more people than you know by talking about what you're going through. Proud of you Josi!

    8. You have no idea how powerful this is for me right now….I can relate to this a lot…Thank you.You have inspire me to get out tomorrow and shoot something for utube.

    9. I think you deliver a really important message here I will link this video in my mental health series ( in the 2nd episode that is about depresion)

    10. I enjoyed seeing this video, and I certainly agree with you about staying in bed. Thats what I do most of the time, stay in bed and watch TV, or get up and watch YouTube videos. I have had Major Depressive Disorder most of my life. It has its ups and downs but in the past six years it is mostly down. Looking forward to watching more and hopefully catching your live stream. Thanks

    11. We are blessed to have you here! <3
      I find if I'm feeling depressed or sad it helps tremendously to be outdoors exploring something new. My brain has to look at new things or it angers me

    12. Great video man, thanks for creating this content. It’s so good to hear about your struggle in a way that is easy to understand what depression is like. I appreciate your vulnerability talking about this matter because it takes courage to be so real. I’m excited to watch more of your videos. 🙏🏼

    13. Great video, and beautiful footage! I think I wanted to start YouTube for a similar reason; reassurance to keep going and keep doing what I'm doing. And yes, going outside is very important! It always puts me in a better mood. ☆

      Thank you for this video, I'm sure you're helping a lot of people through it. ♡

    14. If you have a bad day, but it's nice outside. Just go sit or lie outside. You still don't have to do annything, but fresh air and sunshine can maybe help just a little bit. Ayleast it did for me. Maybe you can give it a shot ?

    15. Woah this is beautifully done and this is an awesome intro to yourself too. You got a new sub! And btw like that you are part of the discord as well.

    16. I also started creating because of depression do a serious injury from a car accident. Since I started, it's been the thing I could've ever done to get passed how I feel. Your story really hit me personally.

    17. Thank you so much for sharing your story here! I'm truly touched and yes keep exploring and expanding… that is key. Hope to see you on your live stream;) -Judyann and Luis from California USA

    18. I am sorry to hear that. You fight it back and even talk openly about it. Full respect. I watch your videos man, your channel is my window with a view at Amsterdam that I miss so much. I know what depression is – fortunately like everything in this world has its ending. But don't let it grow, watch your thoughts, don't stay home again. Ok?

    19. Here for you whenever you need anything man. Really glad to have met you in that str am and glad to have you in the crew

    20. Ahh.. Man… Loved the video bro… Very well explained… Ur doing great brother… Cinematography level 1000… N thank you for including my comment in ur video… God bless ma man

    21. YT and the friendships I’ve made through YT has really helped me. I’m glad it’s helped you and so many others too.
      Thank you for sharing. I’m truly glad to know you. ✌️

    22. a kinda feeling-pointless-feeling… thanks for sharing ✌️

      got surprised to find out/realise the real lies, that the supposed closest/trusted ones (friend-girlfriend-family) knew the least about me… then felt alone – not lonely – had no one and nothing to relay.

      B positive 🍀 there's always a choice, choose life.

      be/do yourself, the world will adjust.

      we are here by choice.

      there's a massive sign (green letters) on top of a building west of the town in A'dam:
      "you don't have to be here"

      that was the most impressive philosophical-reality-check slap in the face I had for a good while!
      😂 💪✌️ 🍀 😁

      mAn! thAnks Again!

    23. Getting out is important, It helped me in my own darkness. Bouts will come and go, it boils down to recognizing when you are slipping into one, and doing what you can to keep your head up. Keep up the good fight Jochen!

    24. Hey Joc 👋! Nice vid! Depression n anxiety feed eachother too 🙁. They STINK. No one looking at the person can tell n it's impossible to explain to someone that's got no experience with it. Meds help just alittle but no one thing is a cure. Getting out, doing things you enjoy (that in itself is hard since depression puts a block between the person n any form of enjoyment), and being around positive people and activities will help more than anything. Stay away from the negative n things that put pressure on you. Your obligations right now are only to yourself and Syl. Don't let other pressure get to you. Btw, I strongly recommend taking vitamin D supplements, n there r others vitamins n nutrients you can beef up as well, to 'assist' you in getting better. 😁

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