Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is poison to me. This is a small personal story about why I stopped drinking. It's quite simple: it makes me feel like absolute shit. I must admit that it is difficult to stop because of our culture that revolves around food and drink. I had to make a selfish choice and do the right thing for me. Come on, it's just alcohol. Now pizza, on the other hand, MALDITO, I could not leave it.

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    Why I Quit Drinking Alcohol

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    1. this is not a selfish test, begin to be proud of yourself…you have wisdom and realize what is best for you!

    2. I have been drinking alcohol for years it destroyed my beautiful life. this is the reason I don't drink it is an evil slow killer. plus if you suffer with mental illness I recommend you to stop it forever.

    3. drinking is the best. vodka specially. you need to continue the next day a little bit to go down smooth

    4. I just had that night and now I find myself watching this video lol mabe I should start a YouTube vlog day one I'm hung over. the good thing is I'm not drinking.then watched a video on how to get mad at yourself. get pissed off at the fact that it's robbibg you of time and controles u. then get mad at your self for letting It I'll let you know my progress one day. thanks for the video.

    5. I drank everyday for 4 years. I felt more and more terrible each time i walked home at like 6 AM in the morning. 5 months ago i had the first panic attack and since then fucking hell is raining on me. When i noticed my mental health level is beyond fucked up, i immediately stopped drinking and smoking cigarettes and now i go for walks everyday and try to eat healthy. I even went to a psychiatrist few days ago. The good part about this hell i am going through is that i actually got the FUCK up and do something to change my situation that was bad for 6 years. I am 23 now and never had a girlfriend, lost my apprenticeship twice, dealt with negative shit everytime i left the house. I was so focused on my problems, fought thousands of bad thougts and drowned my sorrow in playing games the whole day. I guess my brain just couldnt bear all this suffering anymore and forced me to change my life. I told my friends and family i want to start a therapy in a clinic for young adults and they all think thats the right way. Its crazy how much energy it takes to move on when u feel so terrible and confused everyday you wake up. I will fight for a better life, so i dont have to go through that shit anymore. Like i commented a few times now, your videos never fail to cheer me up Scott and i hope you read this. It would mean a lot.

    6. So many weeks, months, and maybe even years can be wasted trying to quit, only to be disappointed. To minimize the risk of withdrawal or drink again after quitting, search for Steffon Barkload's website. It details a few common-sense methods to quit drinking and never look back.

    7. Drinking makes me feel so much worse and since it can have a really negative reaction with my meds too I just feel it's best not to. I had a couple drinks the other night and I felt like shit.

      Caffeine is more of a problem….I'm trying to cut back severely. I'm actually heading what my psychiatrist told me regarding caffeine and people with anxiety disorders.

    8. I was at a wedding all day on saturday. Was drinking for around 12 hours. Started with champagne, then white wine then beers. Couple of shots thrown in too. Its now Tuesday and i still feel absolutely terrible.

    9. last night I drank so must, i donent know even how I come my home…. I am feeling very guilty….. how should I forget shit Like this, sorry for my englisg…

    10. I've never had a problem with drinking because I personally hate the way it makes me feel. Even if I have one drink, I get a headache and I start being obnoxious. It'd be okay if I was being silly like that and having fun, but I'm not. My anxiety stays the same or gets worse and I still have this awful internal dialogue where I acknowledge I have no control over my outward actions. Drinking makes me social but I'll be in a conversation with someone in a positive manner and internally I'm screaming to get out of it and I can't stand the person or even what they're talking about. Anyway, I haven't drank in over a year and I probably won't again because it doesn't appeal to me at all. I had an ex who partied every weekend and I'd just stay home because after a short while I wanted nothing to do with it. I don't care what other people do, but alcohol just screws me up both during and afterward, even in the smallest amount like a glass of wine or a beer/cider.

    11. I was an alcoholic for years and said the same shpeel every morning, but then I found kratom and I don't get hungover anymore, I lost weight, I'm mentally in a better place!! They're supposedly gonna ban kratom, so I'm scared that alcohol is the only legal way of relaxing!! I'm gonna go back to drinking unfortunately

    12. You don't look as bad as you say you do. I'd say that we're reall good at pretending we're half way okay. If you think you look bad, you should see the video I just posted. Hashtag: EASIERSAIDTHANDONE and I'm thankful to have come across your video to realize that I'm not alone. I'm not the only one. But I pray for us all that we get the strength to kick this shit in the ass and come out on top.

    13. I have spent months studying giving up drinking and discovered a great website at Sebs Magic Tactic (check it out on google)

    14. This is pretty much me when i drink. Fuck this last weekend i drank for like 12 or so hours straight. I started off with beers around 5 pm then ended up meeting up with buddies and drinking hard liquar all night. Omg i felt so bad the next day. My anxiety was so high that i was crying. I felt so depressed and just like shit. My stomache was hurting, my head was pounding, my mouth was dry, my lips were chapped. UGH i hate that fucking feeling man. My hangovers always last like 2 days but it ends up ruining the rest of the week. All week now i have just been feeling depressed. My mood isnt as good as it would be sober. Alcohol takes so much out of your body and soul man. It really is a slow killer. I have pretty bad Anxiety so i should stay the fuck away from it. its hard not to drink when its so hot and nice out. But its better to do normal things than feel like a piece of shit druggy.

    15. feeling like this today, its funny cause when i was younger it was nothing. But just two beers ruined my whole weekend!!! I feel so freaking crazy, and got homework, and kids to tend too. I'm done, drinking is not fun anymore ugggh

    16. I know exactly, EXACTLY how you feel. I stopped drinking completely for a year and just a few weeks ago, on Christmas day, I had one glass of wine. Only one glass! I proceeded to have the most horrible hangover for 4 days. I felt so terribly sick, that I couldn't function. It doesn't cause me to throw up, but it causes me to feel so I'll, that it is debilitating. It was a huge reminder for me (just like what happened to you!) of why I cannot drink – EVER. I was so upset with myself for having that drink since it basically ruined my next several days. People that don't react like this to alcohol do not understand. It was extremely difficult for me to stop drinking because of how so many people's social life revolves around it, but I've realized there is life on the other side and it's such a better life! You can still be social – just order seltzer with lime, for exempla. And if anyone asks, you can just confidently, quickly explain how it makes you very ill so you gave it up and feel amazing. People will soon forget about it and get over it. Doesn't mean that you can't still be social. Some might even be positively influenced by your example. Anyway, thanks for sharing and you are most definitely not alone! In my younger days I binge drank regularly and I have no doubt that this is a major reason why I can't cope with even a small amount. Green smoothies have really been helping, plus I'm getting ready to do a liver cleanse. All the best to you and thanks for sharing your experience

    17. Yeh I'm exactly the same way my hangovers are impossible to control I feel like I'm going to die, its not worth it anymore

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