Why Do People Self Harm? (Quotes & Scars)

People are harmed, specifically women, why? Let's look at some quotes and scars that revolve around the world of self harm.

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    Why Do People Self Harm? (Quotes & Scars)

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    1. There is a girl in my school. She is 11 years old, ELEVEN. She made pictures on Instagram of her cutting. At school I have NEVER seen those cuts. She pulls an act of depression every chance she gets and makes people feel sorry for her. She complains about boyfriends who dumped her, even though they hold hands for five seconds make lovey dovey posts online and grab attention from it. Souly for that purposes. Maybe she might suffer from a mental disorder, but half of cutters are usually only doing it at a last minute resort for attention, feeling so bad for themselves and feeding everyone else their lies. To the point they believe they are true themself… Don't self harm. Not only will those scars never heal, but it hurts people. Loved ones will ache seeing you hurt. It's the same with suicide. Don't jump, think about how selfish it is to others who love you. But it's different for everyone. Peace

    2. Greg is my favorite person. Every video that he posts is one I always need to watch.

    3. i can`t agree with him, because every human feels different in some things. yea, i know some girls and boys that cut themselves for attention, but I know some people that cut very often, but they want help and they get help, but it doesn't work. and you know what? some girls or boys out there are struggling to watch this video, because it's not everytime the truth. You can't say that everybody does this for fun or because they're bored. Maybe they go through some shit. but that's just my opinion. 🙆

    4. Wow look another little over privileged white boy who thinks he can invalidate somebody who’s suffering
      People who cut for attention (yea that’s fucked up!)
      But it doesn’t matter to social status or race, why don’t you take down this disgusting video that probably made thousands of cutters hurt more (your petty ass complaining isn’t gonna do shit, self harm is an addiction and should be taken seriously and not yelled at by a bitch who only cares about himself and makes videos about topics he cant even comprehend the aspects of mental health issues) it’s not helping anyone
      Nobody is gonna watch this and think “well if onision, clearly professional, says I’m a fucking brat for having struggles and cutting myself privately then I must stop”
      It doesn’t work that way.
      You made a video putting down these people and then you preach not doing that
      Why don’t YOU stop being insensitive and mind your own damn business because nobody needed your input and leave it to the professionals

    5. I don't like admitting that I am a stupid teenager, but I'm a stupid teenager, what you said actually inspired me , Buuut one thing, some people do it because of an addiction like my friend, she always says sorry to me? I don't really know what to do with that

    6. stop saying your depression makes you cut yourself. That makes 0 fucking sense. If you go to your guardian or parents and say you think you need to see a professional for help and they say that your one and don't need it talk to someone else. Go to the school and ask for help. Cutting yourself is so stupid. It doesnt make the pain go away it doesnt do shit. Half the people in the world who see someone with self harm scars thinks that you are a fucking crazy person. So if you cut because no one loves you thats probably the reason. Get some fucking help. And stfu. Depression is a horrible thing yes i know that. Depression is something that owns you. It takes a part of you that you will never get back. Just see a doctor.

    7. Just saying, jumping to the conclusion that cutting is for attention is wrong. Cutters cut because they actually feel something from it, enjoys how it feels, thinks its punishment for their sins or actions, or just want to die. Attention is pretty rare. You can usually tell if they want attention if they tell you, show you, or give you obvious clues. But, sometimes they just want help because they know the situation they're in. Listen to your friend if they do tell you. They need help. If you get mad at them, then you need help.

    8. Ok there are people who cut because they want attention. But just imagine for one second that you feel so alone, so unloved, so worthless, that you think people won't notice and care for you unless you have visible marks of your suffering on yourself. Imagine feeling so bad, that you just feel unable to communicate with others with words, that you think they have better to do and all, that you end up thinking the only way for them to be a little worried is to show them instead of speaking of it. Imagine you have tried multiple times to talk about it, but nobody was there for you,nobody was able to help you,and you ended up thinking the only way you had to scream for help was to cut yourself.
      People tend to think that people cutting for attention don't endure real suffering, but it's not true. Everyone who ends up cutting at one point is really suffering. Of course some people will start cutting sooner than other, and also people will tend to endure more suffering before cutting. Of course. But please don't forget that everyone who cuts at one point of their life will do it because of suffering

    9. I actually felt inspired by Onision's speech until I saw him with a goddamn mustache😂😂

    10. Depression, can cause self harm, ptsd can cause it. I know a person in the military who I've and friends have had to talk out of suicide, not all cutting is because of these issues some people do it out of bordom, some do it for control. Those people have mental issues, and some cut and are getting help. Just saying. Lol not everyone does actual damage, some just do surface scratches. You only show the worst it gets. Try talking to an actual cutter, one who doesn't tell others.

    11. I found this offensive. I cut and I didn't do it because I wanted to. I did it because I was in so much pain in my heart. And actually I have tried to kill my self. Font talk abiut shit you dont understand

    12. Okay I disagreed with some of your views but I won't go into that however at the Same time this video is quite eye opening so I guess thanks

    13. It’s sad how people just find cutting a way to escape their problems when they’re just killing themselves slowly. Cutting is not a way to find an escape from this world. It’s pretty dumb to cut yourself, I mean, I tried once but got caught before I could do anything. I was being bullied in school bc of this kid that hated me for no reason. When I get home, I would get my steam off by crying, drawing, punching the wall. But cutting never crossed my mind except once. If someone I know is cutting, I try to help them out, saying it’s the stupidest thing you can do, and saying it’s not worth it. I just hope that people who cut themselves realize they’re putting themselves in danger, and are also doing something really dumb when you can just do something else that’ll make you feel better.

    14. Here's why people cut. Yes, mostly it is to get attention. But is that wrong? To want attention? It's not. We all need some attention, and the fact that some people thinks the only way to get it is to harm themselves is just awful. Stop hating on them. Just stop. They need help. Not hate. I've never harmed myself, because I get the attention I need. The help I need when I need it. These people DON'T. Try to understand.

    15. whats the point of destroying your body to " get rid of the pain " although you are adding more pain. These people don't see how lucky they fucking are, they dont have a cancer or some shit and they dont have to sit in a hospital for most of their life. They have houses, food, a bed, ect. Fucking idiots searching for attention and empathy. Stop being an asshole and stand up for yourself and do something productive.

      ( sorry for the rant, people that cut make me triggered and annoyed )

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