Why Bipolar Marriages Have a 90% Divorce Rate!!

If someone has a bipolar disorder, they have a 90% chance of divorcing in the future. This is the reason why. AND MY BEST advice to be at 10%! MORE VIDEOS ABOUT BIPOLAR DISORDER AND MENTAL ILLNESS:

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    Why Bipolar Marriages Have a 90% Divorce Rate!!

    Comments 32

    1. The girl in the video is going through a bipolar phase, I turned off the video, but thank you for showing me what I am not.

    2. I'm bipolar and this does not describe me at all. I hate manic highs and my love with my special someone gets intense and yes I remember the past. Dissociation only lasts for a moment with me. I've had a lot of great help. I've lived with the struggle for so many years, and almost never get depressed, just sad sometimes. So, this girl is still going through some sort of phase.

    3. I'm currently in a relationship with an amazing girl who is bipolar, and I really want to be with her. We've gone through what you mentioned where we broke up and got back together. We're together again but now my parents are hesitant about the relationship. I know it's my decision to be with who I want to be, but I would like it if my parents didn't see her so badly. It doesn't help that we have a family friend who grew up with a bipolar mother and didn't have the best childhood. What can I do so that they like her again ?

    4. My chicks a nurse she learnd alot i tuned this person down i cant she seems like she needs thearpy group idk this i take serious i attempted 2 x died 1 x so this aint no key key walk in the park with me but this ☝ mfer here smfh i hope all you find a niche for. Our way of life its like being in a nascar w no brakes and every now then the track of life gets super slick so stay focused find a regimen and love yourself as wierd as you may seem i hate to say it but the blessed are truly broken.

    5. Lol do you have bi polar ….😱😂😂😂 …..i doubht it thats our swings i swing massively but my memory great w head injury who tf told you this oh college your a newbe tighten up rookie you need go back and do your homework i been diagnosed since 10 you are mixing and grabbing at certain things i guess white privilged people and you better learn your swings i had to threat ti my self and others when i ve snappd in the past then your like laughing as in your glorifying this your fucking full of shit and i feel like spitting in peoples face like you fuckin joke smh…….

    6. As someone who has been involved with a bipolar man for some time, I have definitely experienced the detachment phase on several occasions as well as what seems to be "selective amnesia." It's maddening. I've never heard it been expressed so clearly nor have I heard anyone mention that these are also symptoms of the condition. It explains so much but it's also very heartbreaking. My affection for him has remained pretty constant despite the ups and downs, but it's hard to know where he is emotionally at any given time. It's hard not to take the detachment personally but it is now getting to the point where I am beginning to feel a bit detached from him, too. I'm tired of trying to figure out what I did or said to cause him to withdraw. He's basically a good guy, his highs and lows are "relatively" moderate but it's clearly not a healthy relationship dynamic. Meanwhile I focus on self-care until I make a decision about the future.

    7. it hurts hearing how much all of this is exactly like my ex. it's a shame because even though it's not their fault, their behavior is so abusive, toxic and hurtful that you just can't stay with them despite how much you love them. it's really a shame for them too because they'll never be able to maintain a healthy relationship.

    8. My parents just celebrated their 45 year wedding anniversary. My mom is bipolar and went undiagnosed for over 20 years. My dad is a very patient man. It can work if you both communicate on a daily basis. Sadly my ex isn’t so patient or understanding

    9. I am in a relationship with someone who has bipolar. This video has been so great. It's helped me to not take a lot of his actions personally. Thank you

    10. lizzie thank you for being a true person but you try always your best.I know of a bipolar friend and I'm trying to help herb coz of divorced parents

    11. Wow… thank you for this video! My wife just got diagnosed yesterday and I am trying to learn more about bipolar disorder. I have never been able to understand her withdrawals from me and would get so hurt. Listening to you explain this has really helped me understand what is going on. Thanks again and God bless you.

    12. Thank you so much for this video. I tried to understand why I felt so disconnected to my boyfriend last week and I was so close to breaking up with him. Now I understand why and it makes so much sense.

    13. If you're bipolar then why torture yourself with failed relationships? Just recognize you will dispose of them all over time and adopt a lifestyle that takes that reality into account.

    14. There is no evidence to support your claim. I suggest peer reviewed articles. I am married for 14 years and while it's difficult, we work through it.

    15. Hi I’m Emma I’m 12 years old and I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 10 years old. I was also diagnosed with ODD which is oppositional defiant disorder and I was 3 years old when that took place. My parents got divorce when I was 8 years old and I always thought it was my fault. My mom left my dad and I always wish everyday that my mom and dad are going to get back together. I hope u get this and u can help me😆😁

    16. How to communicate and keep the relationship if the bipolar (2) partner tells me that this is none of mine concern and I have nothing to worried about, it feels like he thinks that his bipolar has no impact on him. So we never talked about it. How to deal with that? Should I worried?

    17. Lizzie you make these videos but it's always one sided you never have a dialogue . why? Lizzie can you defend your faith using The Bible? Lizzie can You defend your Catholic beliefs by using The Bible. I don't think you can because I couldn't defend following the catholic church when I was a Catholic.

    18. Does this include both bipolar 1 and 2? Does this include those who have found success with their medication?

    19. Wow….Lizzie has bought the lies that she has a man made diagnosis. Most of these names like bipolar were made up. All to get people to buy drugs from the pharmaceutical corporations. It is corrupt as hell. Listen to her say, "my bipolar, my bipolar". Don't people understand that you are given these labels to justify giving you their drugs. Money….money….money….. These drugs cause symptoms like mania. Instead of fixing you they give you more adverse symptoms. Then you are in their paradigm. Then your life is screwed. Research this for yourself if you don't believe me. The psychiatric and medical fields are NOT mostly for your health. It is a billion dollar scam. Most people totally buy into it.

    20. I’m beginning to think that I could have a mild form of bipolar and even though I’ve gone to therapy for depression I’ve never stuck with it, and only ever tried going in college, I appreciate this video, it answers a lot of problems I’ve experienced in relationships where I don’t feel loved and now I’m realizing that it was probably not the other persons fault. I plan to start therapy again as soon as I can, and I really appreciate your openness in your videos. Thank you♥️

    21. I totally understand exactly what you're talking about with the Detachment and it does feel like I have different people in my head and I do wonder if I have different personalities because sometimes I love my boyfriend and sometimes I hate him and it's based on which perspective I see him from. My daughter is also bipolar and we agreed that it feels like the bi part means to different people.

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