Why are Anxiety and Depression Connected?


Just by watching my diagnostic videos on depression and anxiety, you can easily think that they are very different. A depressed person does not like to do anything he used to do, feels desperate and sad, and has changes in his diet and sleep patterns. A person with anxiety, on the other hand, may feel as if he is living in a state of extreme agitation, being on the edge most of the day and worrying about anything and everything that happens in his life. These 2 mental illnesses appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, with no relationship between them. However, statistically speaking, the most common form of depression is what we call agitated depression. Many people also share how they will feel tired all day, feeling discouraged and completely unmotivated, but then at night they can not sleep because their mind keeps buzzing about what they did or did not do that day. I even had a patient who struggled to keep his mind from going over every conversation he had that day and how he could have been better, more understanding or less clumsy.
Now not only agitated depression connects anxiety with depression, research shows that this link has more to do with how people with depression and anxiety manage stress. Every time we are bombarded with stress in our lives, those with anxiety and depression tend to deal with that through avoidance. That is, when stress comes our way and we are pushed into our fight, flight or freeze response, we choose the flight.
So you can see that anxiously your obsessions for failure are loaded with fear, while with depression your reflections reflect an intense discouragement, to the point of despair or despair. But in both cases you feel overwhelmed by the lack of confidence in yourself. And that is the real problem behind feeling overwhelmed, which in turn leads to anxiety, depression, or a true combination of these two painful emotions.
In addition, many of the symptoms of depression and anxiety really overlap. These are just some of the symptoms you will see in both diagnoses: sleep disorders, tearing, worry, loss of appetite, loss of sexual desire, lack of motivation, body aches and difficulty concentrating, just to name a few. So it's easy to see why many of us find ourselves moving from depression to anxiety and, often, we experience both at the same time! Or possibly be diagnosed with one when we really only have the other one! But like everything I mention, I always like to finish with what we can do to better control the symptoms. So let's get into that!
1. Talk to positive self
2. conversation therapy
3. Medication
4. Resources!

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    Why are Anxiety and Depression Connected?

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    1. I definitely think i have agitated depression. Every single day I overthink about the future and how i dont know what im doing with my life. I have isolated myself from everyone because i am extremely insecure. I am 20 and have no friends i don’t remember the last time i went out with a “friend” it is sad. Im going to get help, i need it. Thankyou for this video, i don’t remember the last time someone asked me if im okay

    2. Kati, I’m a psychologist from Mexico and I loveee your videos, thank you for spreading knowledge and congratulations. 🙂

    3. I have just subscribed 🙂 I don't know if it's a thing but what does it mean when sb is so empathetic and so caring about people in need, people who are very sick especially children , children who suffer from different reasons and people in general who hurt, that he/she cannot feel joy and if he/she feels a bit happiness or earns bigger amount of money he/she starts to feel guilty, cries, feel down and feel pain, because other people are so much in need and suffer so much and can't handle the reality of this world. Maybe you could do a video about it, idk. Hugs and kisses.

    4. Yes , tired all day then can’t sleep at night and I avoid people… I avoid being in public most of the time. I am unsure what the root of my issues are . I have all these symptoms on and off . Mostly always have anxiety though.

    5. Unrelated to this video, but I have a question I have been wondering about. Why do people stay in abusive relationships? Even when they have a chance to escape? Or why don't they try to escape? Or why do people sometimes go back to abusive relationships (physical or sexual abusive relationships) and defend those people or justify their actions? ( I am especially referring to domestic violence)

    6. A lot of things my therapist says don't make sense to me but I'm probably stupid or missing something

    7. #katiFAQ Hey Kati, I've been seeing my therapist for over a year and my experience has been for the most part positive, but recently she's been really frustrating me. She says things that don't make sense to me and continues talking about her opinions based on assumptions even after I say she is wrong. I don't know what to do

    8. I have an odd question. I went for an intake exam the other day. The case manager asked me after telling her what was going on with me if I heard voices… at the time I said no instantly bc I thought voices would be voices talking to me in my head. Now I do hear a man scream my name like he's angry at me a lot, or noises like sirens, phones ringing or random mumbles that I can't understand. And yes no one else hears it bc I ask Hey did you hear that? Everyone says no and asks if I'm high or something. Or say no weirdo you're hearing things. That and I see sudden movements and shadows or faces randomly or animals that's not really there. Do I need to tell her about it when I go back or call her and tell her?

    9. This video was very helpful, thank you. Also, not tryin to be weird but you're really pretty, you remind me of Kristen Wiig 😀

    10. Is it normal to be in therapy for 5 years? Im bipolar and have ptsd. I feel like I'll never get better, but im still in therapy because I'm impulsive and i get a lot of suicidal ideations. I am in crisis a lot

    11. how do i talk to a counselor if im too scared of being judged? i'm always thinking about what other people think about me, i always feel so judged. this has been such a distraction for me in the past few years. it gets me really down and i never know what to do.. i have bad trust issues and i can never open up to anyone, not even the people cloest to me.

    12. Not a question exactly but I have recently been given a diagnosis of Dissociative Disorder Not otherwise specified. I can't really find much helpful information about this and it would be so so amazing if you made a video about it 🙂

    13. Hey Kati, Can you do a video on Perfectionism and how it relates to low self-esteem and not feeling good enough?

    14. I love your videos 😉 I just think it’s interesting to watch cause

      1. I have anxiety
      2. I wanna be a psychologist when I grow up
      3. You are the best

    15. Anxiety and depression is a cycle. Anxiety I’ll get it one day but the depression if you don’t know it by now you will get it. Missing skills in my case

    16. very informative, that fits me to a tee. I tried to cover it up with alcohol. It didn't work… it only made it worse. I also have colitis at the same time. When ever something bad happens when I get stressed out. Im in the bathroom at one time it was so bad that it came out both ends when I was stressed it physically hurt. I understand my body more about how it works and your videos help trememdously

    17. Could you do a video about aphantasia? I only recently found out about it and I think I have it and I’m having a midlife crisis and I wouldn’t mind your opinion.

    18. People with depression often make the same mistake I made, they think because they sometimes feel good they can't be depressed but even a depressed person sometimes feel good.

    19. Hi! I'm just recently subscribed to your channel! I love what your doing and your so very helpful!
      keep doing what you love.

    20. Hi kati, can you please do a video on a more in depth version of agitated depression. Thank you for everything. xoxo. You always get me thinking. That you so much. Xoxo

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