Who Am I?… My Life Story (Depression, Anxiety, Finding Myself)

You all do a great job sharing your stories and your personal life in the comments, so I decided it was time to share my life. You deserve to know the TRUE me, my past and my life! Any other questions you may have, please feel free to drop in the comments!

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Video credits to DiamondASMR YouTube channel

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    Who Am I?… My Life Story (Depression, Anxiety, Finding Myself)

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    1. i love getting to know you. you are such an inspiration to me and you are such a queen. i have depression and anxiety too and it’s hard, it truly is but you just have to remember that you have a purpose and you are loved and worth it!!❤️

    2. When I was growing up we had a crazy old man neighbor who hated animals and kids, he bitched every time we came near his yard. Then We could not figure out why our new cats kept disappearing, I lost probably 10 kittens mysteriously over the years…but we figured it out bc when he died our cats stopped disappearing😿 my mom and I are still pissed to this day and wondering what he did to our cats and what would happen if he got his hands on a kid!!! Ugh!!!! I’ve had my two cats now for 10 years and I will be traumatized when they go!!!

      I lost my husband in a car accident when my daughter was 18 months old and I was 34 so that was really hard to get thru, I had never been with anyone else. It’s still hard almost 7 years later and I also get ptsd sometimes and anxiety and depression, but I learned to be a super independent woman now and my daughter and God keep me strong!

      Cool, I was wondering how you discovered Asmr, I had been experiencing it since childhood but didn’t know what the heck it was. Then I recently discovered the amazing phenomenon that we can make ourselves feel ASMR by watching triggers and ur one of the BEST ASMRtists on youtube!!! U Really help with anxiety and insomnia. Thank u!

      Tried to keep this short lol, Anyway thanks for sharing, and I’m glad you found Trey!! 😻

    3. You are truly an amazing person overcome so much God bless you I'm glad you found your way back to God took me much longer to find my way back to God but I realize that everything that's happened in my life has made me who I am certainly I miss certain people very much thank you for sharing continue to grow and continue becoming stronger

    4. Diamooondd! Thank you for making this video I really enjoyed it. 🙂 pleaseee help me because I'm having a hard time to find a way back to God. I hope you could respond

    5. I really want you to make another channel for challenges and vlogs and random stuff like that…❤️ love your channel heaps tho💖💖💖

    6. diamond, I never really comment on youtube videos but I feel like I need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing. I was 15 as well when I was got in an extremely abusive relationship for 3 years and it really messed me up. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ptsd, eating disorders, I struggled with self-harm, suicide, the whole deal, and I've always felt really alone going through the abuse and trying to put myself back together when it was over. every time I hear someone new who has dealt with something similar it makes me feel so much stronger and supported and not so alone. I would love for you to make a video about your relationship story, I feel it could help me and others who have experienced the same thing. Seriously thank you so much girl, much love~~

    7. idk why i could relate to 89% of this video and plus i’m from phoenix az too ! i also wanna make a asmr channel but i’m kinda scared 😂

    8. luv your channel so much! I love your role plays and I love how honest you are w your fans!! 💕💕

    9. Kudos on the Christian part. People act like they can't say it anymore so props to you!

      Wow, glad your psychologist helped you. I personally no longer trust any therapist/counselor, or any of them. But I'm glad it actually worked for you.

      And I like Arizona too. I might have to go there one day.

    10. I struggle a lot with self confidence and theirs times where I get super sad and I lost a lot of friends and I never really meat my grandparents and I am very sorry for you 😭

    11. You are so brave and strong! Im sorry for what happened in your childhood, but whatever happened when you were younger shaped you into who you are today! ❤️👑

    12. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself. You are amazing! I suffer from depression too. Thanks for normalizing it.

    13. 💗😘💗
      💎this is beautiful to listen to💗Ly💎 thank u for sharing ur story with us💖💎

    14. I can really relate to the depression.. Things are just so bad in my life right now i live with my grandparents because my mom.. Well is basically a psycho and i'm the oldest of 2 brothers and everyone says "middle child is forgotten" but.. That isn't true the oldest one is.. I get yelled and beaten for things i didnt do.. Or that really never happened. And then my 8th grade year started (this year) and my cousin who's in 7th grade.. She's really my only true friend and she got in this crazy drama with these 2 girls in our lunch and she got switched out.. She was the only person i had so now.. And still to this day i sit basically alone at night lunch.. (my lunch is pretty full… And im near people but by alone i mean i dont really talk to anyone because im shy.. So i feel isolated) and before my cousin got moved out pf the only lunch school was really my place to get away from the crap at home and when she switched out.. Everything got worse.. I had nobody i honestly felt like i just couldnt go on anymore.. And i do feel like diamond is right.. I do need someone to go talk to.. And i admit that but im just so afrias of what my grandparents would say.. Would they beat me? Would they accept, and help me? Would they say im stupid? So i basically would cry and cry myself to sleep every single night.. Then i came across diamond.. And she has really helped me just relax during the most stressful times.. Expessialy when my great grandma died.. So thank you so so much for sharing, and helping so many people Diamond! I really appreciate what you've done for me, and many others.

    15. Thank you so much for sharing your story , you really inspired me that I am not the only one who is going through hard times and I just really wanted to say thank you (edit)(I'm not going through hard times right now but you still thought me that)

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