What’s The Biggest Sign Of Depression?!? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ

What is the biggest sign of depression?!? Twitter on Thursday! #KatiFAQ
through YouTube Capture

1. What is the biggest warning sign of depression?
2. What is your opinion about foster care? I will be taken from my mother and put in foster care if I lose weight or cut myself
3. How do I get motivation?
4. I'm not sure if you already did it today Frequently Asked Questions, but how do you overcome the fear of shopping? For me it is embarrassing …

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    What’s The Biggest Sign Of Depression?!? Twitter Thursday! #KatiFAQ

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    1. DEaling with ED, SD and Depression shopping works sometimes as good distraction.
      Dividing the list into several short lists to have more opportunities to do sth. that needs
      to be done anyway. It can be helpful to start the day with sth. which is a succes.

    2. Does that mean that if you nvr really lose interest in something, you don't have depression? Even when you have the other symptoms?

    3. 6:24 I break that rule almost every trip XD out of childlike curiosity, dietary necessity, and maybe having OCPD. Fortunately usually not as problematic as in ED.

    4. The biggest sign of depression sign was miserable in the mornings and happier after 3 in the afternoon and uncontrollable crying. Blaming myself for Her traumas in life and De valuing for 20 years. Courts fighting for my right for my visitation for my rights. Im flooding with PTSD and Go-dependency. I adore this Kim Saed who I just can't believe these people were victimized. And then I see the inner child while they are trying to coach my and the estrogen around the soft features, I know Im not well. Alot of loss. thanks Bob

    5. I got taken by my grandmother and I wanted to stay in family I leaved my mom's house cause of my father drug disorder and my brother abuse but a year went by and my uncle raped me alot

    6. I have never had that red flag at all, there are so many things I want to but cannot due to Lyme disease.

    7. I told my counselor I’m frustrating that reading doesn’t interest me anymore, and that only cute animals seem to truly make me feel joy. Her advice: “Maybe you could read books on cute animals?” I haven’t tried it yet, but I was mind-blown.

    8. It's not really a nerd joke tho, is it…..
      I'm a nerd and I don't find it funny because my first reaction is to think that it doesn't make sense.

      Baby Program would make a bit more sense….but still not quite.

    9. How to get motivated? Have you tired an opposite action? For example: I feel like isolating or not exercising. Instead, go to a coffee shop and buy a coffee or go for a 20 minute walk while listening to music or an audiobook.

    10. i was in the foster system at the age of 15 started developing eating disorder and mental health issues my experience really want good until i got into my adoptive home at the age of 19 and I'm adopted and I'm 21.

    11. Ive been on every antidepressants you can list & NONE work…. ????? Whyyyy 😭

    12. I have just lost motivation in everything, & don't get enjoyment from things. 😔 and when I wake up I cant/well……
      dont want to get out of bed

    13. I know this is an old video, but I work at a residential foster care facility in Kentucky. In the state of Kentucky, a child is typically removed from their foster home if they are a danger to themselves or others. Unfortunately, I see a lot of our girls who are otherwise well, not suicidal at all, who just self-harmed too much and got removed from their foster homes. That isn't to say that I have never seen a self-harmer who is also suicidal. The state loves to categorize mental health in a black and white manner and assumes everyone with a particular mental health issue will all behave the same way.

    14. I withdrew from everyone during Christmas. I made up lies to avoid party's. I sat alone over Christmas. I never had Holliday depression before. I know that the harder people pulled at me the more convinced to be alone I became.

    15. I am now 55,  I was in 5 different foster homes as a child/teen. Worst memories of my life, avoid it at all cost. I'm sure there are good ones but out of 5 only one was a good one, not great odds.

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