What’s so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax

Body diseases accumulate sympathy, says comedian Ruby Wax, except for those in the brain. Why is that? With a dazzling energy and humor, Wax, diagnosed a decade ago with clinical depression, urges us to put an end to the stigma of mental illness.

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    What’s so funny about mental illness? | Ruby Wax

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    1. I love you. Unfortunately, for some people when they have physical illness, apparently it's not a big enough issue to cure or even medically acknowledge it either. They're just claimed neurotic or a hypochondriac because that label gives them super powers making it impossible for them to contract anything.

    2. God bless her. Laughing = learning. I feel this video can help other people finally understand depression.

    3. Mental health in the United States is a giant fraud and often criminal and there is no accountability.

    4. I hear this 1 in 4 people quote made by many speakers but it's total bullshit the way they explain it. It is 1 in 4 people will propably have a mental illness problems during their lifetime but its not like 1 in 4 people at the current time got a mental illness.

    5. When she talks about "the voices" is she talking about different voices or our own internal voice? The one that re-runs the shameful, embarrassing, cringe worthy occurrences we all have done throughout our lives?

    6. She misused the word “psychotic” in place of something more like sociopathy, the psychotic illnesses are more varied and important than she touches on

    7. Yes more people are off kilter but stigma holds them back from sharing what they need.I have agoraphobia!

    8. I've felt bad for what I am and what I have, I've always thought I was bad or that I am not a socially amd emotionally functional human being. I appreciate this so much, she seems to be a great troubled humam beimg that actually cares. :')

    9. I feel bad for your mom …who was suffering through depression, ……but for u …..u have now understanding, ….

    10. I only listened for the first time only three minutes and had to switch off. I don't actually believe she's putting on a show i think that's her real personality .

    11. Fucking horrible. 2 minutes and i'm out. Is this a fucking TED Talk or stand up comedy? Does she think that this bullshit is makind the message more presentable to people? Fucking horrible…

    12. I'm laughing histerically and moved to tears, because for the first time in a while I feel validated in a way that's not from a therapy session. Ive been moved to the border of suicidality recently and its great to feel a little more normal. From science! WHERE can I find more of psychology satire !?

    13. thank you for that…now i have a confession..i am a bad mommy… held my child up to the realistic dinosaur exhibition..yes they were 40 foot tall..straight into the ancient brain…..anyway you get the picture…thanks for sharing your healing with us .. i got stuck on fright or flight. o x o

    14. She reminds me of my favorite nurse at the psychiatric hospital. Surprisingly at a hospital for teens the nurses are usually really bland and serious and just treat us just like a . But this lady was so kind and funny, she had went through this kind of stuff before too and was so good to me and the other patients and gave me a different outlook on things

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