What Really Causes Depression And Anxiety: A Practical Walk-Through

What really causes depression and anxiety?

In this video, I am going to give you a brief overview of what really causes depression, and I am talking about ROOTS, depression and anxiety, not just SYMPTOMS.

"Chemical imbalances in the brain" is what you always hear, but what causes chemical imbalances in the first place? I have heard some quite convincing arguments from some quite convincing people that we can really control and change the factors that influence our chemicals, and I am living proof that it can in fact be done without medications or major changes in life.

If you understand the root causes of your illnesses, you can start correcting them from the root, instead of simply using the drug "strips" or other types of medical treatment.

I think you are strong and you will overcome whatever you are going through.

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What Really Causes Depression And Anxiety: A Practical Walk-Through

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  1. Let me know if this video was helpful or not – and please leave any questions you have down in the comments! I'm always here to help.

    (Also, let me know if you enjoyed the background ambient music or not – just trying new things around here!)

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