What is Depression? Signs, Symptoms and why it manifests

Kings discuss their views and experiences on depression, while the signs, symptoms and manifestations of depression.

Gemini Brown is an astrologer, musician and poet. In this channel, he shares his wide range of talents and interests. Astrology, poetry, hip hop, psychology, prayer, fasting, self-improvement and relationships are topics shared and discussed in this channel
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What is Depression? Signs, Symptoms and why it manifests

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  1. Great video guys. I agree I think most people will go through depression it is part of life. Some stay in it longer than others. I know I’ve suffered from depression for a couple of years. I think it all stem down to being unhappy with life.

  2. I feel like depression does deeper than that. People have childhood hood trauma. I know first hand. Iive been emotionally unbalance all my life

  3. Lol you're talking about cancer and water signs being in their feelings when Capricorn is the sign of depression. caps are known for their melancholy ass tweets on social media.

  4. A therapist once told me. Depression is stressed about something that happened in the past. Anxiety is worrying and stressing about the future.

  5. Commenting while I’m watching and it’s probably gonna be a Bible as usual. Excuse my Gemininess.

    Damn Cancer, maaaaaaaan. This water moon and ascendant appreciates ”that emotional thing” a lot 😂 yup, you’re the shit 🌊

    Wow GB: ”When I know I’m really depressed is when I don’t feel like creating.” Thank you for the insight.

    Capricorn: ”The cause of it doesn’t always occur right after.” 💙

    In my parents culture, you mentioned culture in the beginning GB, they usually don’t deal with ish like this so even when it occurs x amount of years later some of them will still not work through it because they don’t know how or haven’t been tought that expressing vulnerability can lead to strenghtening yourself. They’ve had to have more of a ”survival mentality” but everything is more than well now on that front, all successful but having relationship issues because they don’t know themselves fully and feels its too late. The other week my aunt said ”if everyone would do the inner work you do and/or are talking about we would all be lonely” which was so interesting to hear because I’m the one that’s always had the biggest circle of friends (quality and meaningful relationships on all levels) and that’s the reason why my relatives see me once a year 😊🙋🏽‍♀️ so I can keep working on trying to heightening those low frequency thoughts and generational karma. I believe the sun will shine brighter if you look at the clouds and accept that they want you to listen before they let the sun come out again.

    Ways to overcome depression could be to make a creative project out of it. I for example did a 30-episodes podcast and it was so much fun and rewarding because I loved and enjoyed the process of doing everything from start to finish but especially seeing and hearing how it helped others to get the courage to do the right thing for them.

    From my spiritual perspective what causes your depression will be a way for you to evolve your soul and the world around you, and when you realize that you hopefully accept it and turn your pain into something beautiful that will automatically be helpful. And afterwards you should take a deep breath until your next depression kicks in so you can evolve even more. Kidding! Thanks guys, you’re such beautiful people. Love how you interact with each other with so much respect and just the willingness to understand and evolve yourselves, each other and us watching. Great men.

  6. I can relate to all of you guys…. Y'all a solid group for real! I see you Gemini Brown, i see you lol. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  7. Striaght facts, everyone at one time or another have gone through it…..some of us gone through it more than once at that. I'm happy to see that we are in a time when ppl are more forth coming and open about the topic…..because nothing is worst than going through depression and feeling like your the only one.

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