What I have been hiding from everyone | MY DEPRESSION STORY 2018

This video is different from any video you have posted. I am sharing this and finally deciding to talk about my depression and my history because I have learned over the years to overcome these feelings and thoughts. This does not mean that I never feel sad and that overcoming the depressing moments is permanent. However, I have been able to successfully get out of depressing periods in my life and I want to share that and encourage you to do the same. I really care about you and I want to connect with you and help you in any way I can. So, if that means that I have to be open and honest about some really difficult times in my life, I will. I have many other videos about makeup, fashion, hairs, beauty, injections, all that. But this is by far the most difficult video that has been filmed, edited and uploaded. So, I hope it helps. I want you guys!

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    What I have been hiding from everyone | MY DEPRESSION STORY 2018

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    1. Would you rather have a short life doing what you love or a long life hating what you do? 😊❤️ Great video

    2. Just started watching your videos yesterday. I already like your personality, how genuine you are. I am having a hard time lately too because of negativity around me. I dont know if this is good advice or not. But if i were you i would try and go and live alone. So your parents arent on you all the time. Stay strong and positive. Like you said we are also here for you.

    3. Alana..

      Your attitude is amazing. I can't commend you enough.

      Stay strong..
      Much love ✌🏼

    4. And by the way I know how it is to have almost no money. But I my and my siblings were still happy and now I am 17 in college so I can be a firefighter just because I love it. So money is not everything

    5. For some reason it feels like I know u really well. Luv u take care pls keep going ❤❤😄😄. Stay strong and be yourself

    6. Embrace Yourself with all of the flaws ; The pain and the struggle they shape us to whom we are ; I love every second of this video cause of what It contains of strength and will that are needed to make it ; Ive had these situations and Im Actually going through this as Im watching this ; So Again Thanks for all of this , For me I try To out to spend my thoughts and Stress Recentley in the Gym and Sitting with my self; Go on being strong ; your message reached me for sure and hopefully others ; Spread the message and love

    7. Money is a number and yeah they r correlated but the concept of happiness has basicly nothing to do with money. Just found your channel. Stay strong girl. Life's full of ups and downs. Things will eventually get better for u. Be yourself and keep doing what you love, and fuck what they talkin bout:)

    8. I can totally relate and that video made me think and see it more clearly. I live with my dad and it's not that bad (he doesn't try to force me to do it his way, it's just a constant preaching from him what is the right path and what is not – money will make you happy, you should do that, judging my ideas (when i'm happy i found a way to achieve something and i tell him, he criticizes it etc.). I know parents do this because they want good for you and they want you to survive and thrive, but they also do it because of their personal wounds/fears/unachieved goals. I learned to look for support elsewhere (i'm trying to be a freelancer, so i find it with people trying to achieve the same thing) + i understand now he is just expressing his beliefs and mostly don't take them as truth – i believe myself more. When people have a blindspot, usually it's useless to try to show them what they don't see, understand them, love them in your own way, learn to co-exist with minimal stress.

      Going through those experiences can make you stronger or weaker, i have a feeling it makes you stronger, it'll pay off long term. I like your energy/vibe btw and you are beautiful 🙂

      Wish you luck with your goals (and paying bills in the future, haha joke :D)!

    9. Hey new subscriber here! I can understand what you’re going through. Great video, like how genuine you are. 🙂

    10. More people need to see this. This is so important. You have to do you and never be afraid to “disappoint” others if you are following your dreams. Much love and respect

    11. As a college student and having to work a lot just to have money I can relate. At the same time I must say that your tenacity brings me to tears :') , bless u!

    12. When you go through tough stuff like that, it's very important to talk to people and it's totally okay to have these feeling and sometimes you have to accept the situation and work hard to get out of the situation. I've gone through some tough stuff like that too. I don't know you but you seem like a very happy person in general and that's why you don't deserve to go through something like that. You are more welcome to replay or ask me something because i've talked to lots of psycologist and i feel much better today as a person

    13. Just came across ya channel and saw this, very relatable. Not that i have to deal with parents like that (though I know a lot of friends who do) but saddling up and powering through episodes. I’m a music student and man when (depression) it hits you it hits HARD. Props to you for the vid, would you consider talking about this stuff more often?

    14. wow, Alana, you are an incredibly strong person, honestly. That was inspiring and very relatable. Don't want to bother anyone with my problems, but I swear to you, Alana: all of our parents are just pissing us off, at this point, even if we love them so much. Im planning to move out, personnally. I feel so free and productive when im by myself. Anyways, keep up the great energy and the passionnate videos. I randomly discovered this channel with a funny tinder video but imma subscribe because you are a true hearted youtuber (very rare to find these days)

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