What Causes Depression.mov

Dr. Greg Knopf discusses how the brain works with an interactive video. Learn how depression affects the brain and how medication plays a role in helping you.

Video credits to DepressionOutreach YouTube channel

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    What Causes Depression.mov

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    1. I don’t understand this video. First he said the “white balls” represent antidepressants. But he then adds in cocaine and meth and states that because dopamine isn’t being destroyed, with the white balls still in his video, that this then destroys the receptors. I don’t understand why he is adding cocaine and meth into this video. Especially when he doesn’t differentiate between illegal drugs and antidepressants. And if he is saying that the receptors die by being used too much, why didn’t he say that about schizophrenia? Which in his depiction, the receptors were being bombarded by dopamine. So are people that were addicted to cocaine or meth or had to use prescribed amphetamines like Ritalin or adderall doomed to forever be depressed because they killed the dopamine receptors? His information would make me, if I was a addict and depressed, stay a addictive addict since he makes it sound as if you overuse your dopamine receptors you are fucked. This goes against everything I've researched on depression and, in my opinion, is dangerous. Fuck this guy

    2. I used to be very outgoing. From boredom from moving from Chicago to Ohio, i started cocaine and adderral. Used daily for a year. Became violent and got locked up for a little. Quit. One year later I got realllllly depressed and it will not go away. It has been more than a year of pure hell depression. What shall i do? I do not want to take any pharmaceuticals.

    3. Can depression start by moving to an other country and not talking to anyone not having friends and being scared to tell someone?

    4. See from WHERE the depression comes in order to stop it. Taking drugs will only block the receptors and won’t do anything about the main issue. People just get addict later on and nothing is changed.. It’s like having to switch your Computer every single time by force because it’s bugging without looking at the possible viruses that it may have etc..That’s why I love eastern philosophy and their approach to medicine and healing methods 🙂

    5. If these receptors collapse due to cocaine, meth or depression. Will the receptors ever return to normal levels again? or are they damaged for life?

    6. I HATE it when some people say that depression is purely caused by negitive thoughts ! OK In some cases it can be,,, but not in every case !!! As some one who has had depression I would be trying my best to think positive happy thoughts but right out of the blue this terrible feeling of deep mental torment and black hopeless despair would hit me like a mac truck ! I know for a fact that wasnt caused by any negitive thinking !!

    7. He really gets off the topic of depression. Serotonin And Norepinephrine are those envolved in depression. Schizophrenia is caused by having 6x the amount of dopamine production that a normal person would have.

    8. Neuroscience says we know less than 1% of the brain. Google “chemical imbalance theory depression” and start reading. This video is too over simplistic. Ask your doctor to measure your neurotransmitters. They can’t.

    9. Government and society not letting some one rent there own home to live alone when that is what they wanted to do when they had the money to do so that's what.

    10. I have Bipolar Disorder and this was very learning to me. When i'm manic i have so much dopamine it gets very intense, but when i'm depressed i have so little serotonin that it becomes so intense i want to kill myself. Thank you for the video 🙂

    11. What THC and DXM do is that unlike smashing with dopamine – which is what meth and heroin do, they play dopamine like an instrument

    12. Uh…. Those little balls do more harm than good in the long run.. The brain isn't this easy.

    13. How did it end up with coccane… I dont do drugs): im still confuse of how depression works… I think i might have it but im too scared to confront it. I wouldnt know how to explain it since my mind and mouth dont go together

    14. I am also depressed so much for some family problems and more depressed after my brothers unfortunate death on 12th September 2017 . . He was 17 …. Everyone pray for my Brother.. May Allah takes him to Jannat.. ( heaven)

      There is no chemical imbalance,THAT IS ALL A THEORY ! I got depression twice from a very hard hard stressful moment in my life,And got out of a horrible depression WITHOUT ANY MEDS !!!! There is no such fucking thing my goodness why do they keep saying this !!!!

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