What causes anxiety and Depression – Inside Out

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    What causes anxiety and Depression – Inside Out

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    1. if inside out was a little less goofy animation and dramatic stereotypical sounds then the film would be more beautiful

    2. It sucks but if you fight hard you won’t regret it. It hurts I want to kill my self and get out of this cruel world. But one day you will meet this one person that you love. It’s hard for me because I’m at such a young age, and I’m scared to tell my parents because I know that they won’t believe me.

    3. I love how everyone in the comments is like “I’m depressed” when really there probably fine. Like I’m fine I just have some bad days 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    4. the little happy person in my head left 3 years ago. and it looks like she isn't coming back…

    5. Im too fat and im afraid to go swimming because of my stomach I only drink water and the only time I eat is in front of a family or a crowd of people and I dont know what to do

    6. My life uses saddness only I'm poor I'm ugly I'm annoying i see all those kids smiles on their faces 😖 it hurts

    7. YOYOYOOOOOOOOOO – ooh i got questions for y'all. WTH does depression feel like- is it basically another word for sadness? ._____. I meannnnnnnnnnn I have never been depressed and that – OH and why the hell do people cut themselves to feel, stronger like wth how does cutting make u stronger- I literally do not even kknow what it feels like to have these mental issues and not to brag but i've been pretty popular and like that fun person in my lifetime so please please PLEASE tell em what the hell depression feels like cuz i've never been through it

    8. Well I can't say that's not the message of the movie, but I had a different experience.

      When I was depressed, I felt… well… I felt despair. An overflow of sadness. Well, as you can tell by how I'm wording this, I don't have it anymore. Why? Think of how Joy acts in this movie. Silly and fun. That's what got me out. I acted silly and stupid, and reflected on it. The sadness that I felt was getting pushed out, and whenever I thought about it, I just felt happier. Why? Because I managed to think that being silly did these things:
      1) Make me feel warmer,
      2) Make me feel happy,
      3) Make the world feel warmer,
      4) Make the world feel happy.
      To me, it wasn't a lack of sadness that effected me, but a lack of happiness.

    9. I'm looking for help. I"m realizing that I probably have high functioning depression and anxiety. My mother died in 1994 and her funeral was a week before my 16th birthday. I took care of her through seizures and kidney failure and her own depression. Though I had an older sister, I was the main caretaker. This happened as my parents were getting divorced. Now at the age of 40, I"m angry, tempermental, cynical and just down. I know that on the outside I should be happy with all the things I have, but I keep slipping down a hole. I don't know what to do. It does give some comfort to know it's not just me. At the same time, ,I feel that I'm slipping. Sorry for all the typos.

    10. What the hell is up with all of these attention seeking comments? Jesus i have problems but I don't need to show the whole world that "boo hoo i'm depressed"

    11. I love this film, but what a great way to think about it, I hadn't clicked that this was so relevant to anxiety and depression

    12. Poor people who have to deal with this.. I have a friend who used to have depression. I don’t know what it feels like since I’ve never had depression but I assure everybody who has depression. It will get better.

    13. My depression is healed and it’s a good feeling please don’t be depressed people actually care for you, like me 🙂

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