WE’RE MAKING A DISSTRACK.. ft. Erika Costell

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    WE’RE MAKING A DISSTRACK.. ft. Erika Costell

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    1. Taylor What The f*ck are You with that piece of SH*T shes actually The weakest person ever i ever heart about like The fackt that Jake has spat on you and probably also been her cheated on many times like alissa who used to be Ericas best friend and that she is now standing up for that awful man jake paul and makes a whole enterview with the most popular news site across the usa to lie to everybody and say that Banks had hit team 10 clumsy asistent so for my opinion would you stay tall for these people?

    2. This is my fav collab more with erika i love you taylor but im also in the goat fam!

    3. First of all erika is not a snake shes a person that does stuff all of us do stuff she never ever betrayed tessa tessa left team 10 for another reason. So everybody stop hating your just jealous that they are getting fame. Erika is a beautiful young women and tayler is also one. They both deserve love and respect. NOT HATE. Now you all are snakes for saying things behind erikas back. And she can say Taylor and Erika=Terika or Tessa and Erika=Terika they both can be named that in friendship the name doesnt matter its the friendship. And who knows maybe Erika forgot that terika meant erika and tessa. Its been a long time. So please stop with the hate.

    4. They keep trying to act like how erika and tessa used to act wow and tessa never talks about u guys and u try makeing drama for views

    5. Omg thank you Taylor Lizzy mguore how ever it’s spelt I was wanting to watch it not long ago but I forgot what it was called I’m glad it’s your fav cause both Erika and Taylor’s are my favourite 😂 just entertaining

    6. Wait isnt ur bf friends with the ace fam and the ace family is friend's with clout gang but clout gang doesnt like team 10

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