War, Depression, PTSD, and Faith — Benjamin Sledge

Benjamin Sledge, Director of HeartSupport, shares his history of war, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and his experience with the church.

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red started an online nonprofit organization called HeartSupport to give fans a place to talk and overcome their struggles. His vision is to unite the scene, both fans and bands, so that nobody in the music scene has to fight alone.

Video credits to HeartSupport YouTube channel

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War, Depression, PTSD, and Faith — Benjamin Sledge

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  1. Man this is powerful. I wish I could help every soldier that ever has been through war. I wish I could go back and fight so they don't have to. I wanna fight for my country but purely so that others don't have to. So others may live.

  2. Bens story has actually pulled me in more by how he went through more and more struggles in his life. His belief and strength just gave little more positive look of myself

  3. I remember meeting him at warped tour in Utah. he called my sister and I over and he told us about Heart Support, and then he asked us about us. at the time our home life was hard. he listened and gave advice, mainly to me. Ben just gave off this amazing feeling. he is an amazing guy. after we had finished talking and my sister and I walked away to go see a set, I felt like a whole lot better after talking to Ben.

    and Ben, you are a strong and amazing guy. thank you for sharing your story and most of all thank you for listening to us on August 1st last year. it truly means a lot to my sister and I.

  4. Much respect for everything you've done and been through. Got a brother who's serving right now and I prat for him every day. Gold bless you my man.

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