unintentional asmr – Watch This Korean Guy Clean & Restore NIKE VNTG LDV Waffle Daybreak

Excellent ASMR Clean & Restore NIKE VNTG LDV Waffle Daybreak

The autonomic sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a perceptual phenomenon in which specific audiovisual stimuli frequently produce tingling sensations in the scalp and neck. These stimuli ("ASMR triggers") are typically social in nature (for example, seeing someone brushing their hair, listening to whispers) and often causing a calm and positive emotional state that can last up to several minutes. ASMR experiences phenomenologically overlap with mindfulness; However, no research has directly examined how mindfulness could be related to ASMR.

ASMR videos are about comfort, making one feel safe, relaxed and caring for triggers to take effect; otherwise, the "tingling" cannot be felt. There are many people who use videos as a form of therapy to help sleep, insomnia, depression and anxiety, and that is why the community is so strong.

Through the videos, triggers are presented primarily in the form of sound and visuals, but in reality, people can obtain ASMR even from psychological experiences based on subjective perceptions. For example, many people get a simple answer to the fact that they feel taken care of by someone's warm and welcoming presence. That's why there are so many role-playing videos on YouTube, since they combine visual / auditory triggers with the psychological experience of being raised by another person (usually a feminine, attractive and maternal figure, although there are also many of very male artists appreciated too).

All I know is that, regardless of the scientific findings, I use ASMR videos daily. They help me relax and rest from a long stressful day. They help me calm the torrent of thoughts and be gently induced to a state of calm and happiness, and a restful and deep sleep.
So is it ASMR for you or do you think it's weird? I encourage you to go and find out. If you want to feel comfortable and comfortable, go to YouTube, type "ASMR" and see what appears.

신용: VeTiVeR 채널 YouTube 덕분 에

Video credits to I AM YouTube channel

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    unintentional asmr – Watch This Korean Guy Clean & Restore NIKE VNTG LDV Waffle Daybreak

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    1. Uh oh hes been discovered by the asmr community he now must deal with the half awake people commenting below the last thing on there mind before the video puts them to sleep

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