Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression | Johann Hari | RSA Replay

One in four people in Britain suffers from depression or anxiety in a given year, but have they correctly taught us their causes? The new book by the successful author Johann Hari is radically changing what we have been told about the subject. Hari uses his training in social sciences to investigate the causes of depression and anxiety, and discovers the cutting-edge science that reveals the lack of evidence of spontaneous chemical imbalance in our brains theory.

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    Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression | Johann Hari | RSA Replay

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    1. One of my family members attempted suicide. He thought his business of 30 years was failing, he was tired, burned out. Being 60, he felt trapped. Life is stressful. There is no pill that's going to fix a bad reality. For many depressed people I know personally, they feel trapped by their circumstances, feel alone, and see no clear path forward. Once you're caught in too many negative thoughts, it's a hard thing to get out of. I wouldn't call myself a depressed person, but when I feel down, I always try to surround myself with good people who I can talk to. The more open I am about the issues I have in my life, the more it feels as if the weight is lifted off my shoulders. I realized that no matter how unique your problem may feel, it probably isn't. There are many people going through similar situations. You're not as alone as you may think you are. Which is why talking (in my opinion) helps so much.

    2. I think our society screws up on a much bigger scale:
      depression; burn out; PTSD are far worse in civilised places
      Suicide and people going postal are hardly a thing in more primitive societies.
      first world diseases like diabetes; short-sightedness, bad body posture, sleep deprivation, junk food…
      Even failing integration: why should someone even try to integrate, when people will see him as a foreigner anyway and can't even list what would make him one of them?
      Why do you think Sects and Islamists are so successful?

      I could have asked my Turkish neighbours for help 24/7, but my own relatives would never help me, but rather threaten to disinherit me for some stupidities. All my relatives wanted were two things:
      1) that I don't stand out and draw undesired attention, like dating an Indian chick
      2) that I will hep them when they are too old (but they wouldn't help me ever)
      I moved to another country and I got depressed, because my life plans nearly derailed and for a long time I had no-one to talk to, who would listen to my problems.

      We really need to be able to form meaningful social connections again and accept that life isn't always like what we see on Instagram…

    3. Well said Johann Hari, very nice very insightful! Being kind to others is such a great antidote.

    4. He's trained in the social sciences? wow, this man isnt a psychiatrist? lol Thats a bit like talking about astrophysics and you have an NVQ in car mechanics…

    5. Unenlightened parents having kids. Connection is damaged so drugs are used to self repair

    6. The main reason northern countries have depression is simply because they get far less sunlight/vitamin D.

    7. I very much agree with this, from my own personal experience I vouch that this idea about depression can be fixed with social life is true, you really have to do something boring like dealing with peoples to actually avoid depression in later days. In my case I toyed with the idea of giving myself some time to be with others or for others' benefit (like entertaining them or helping them), and giving myself some time be creative (ie: games & art); as a prescription to maintain my own mood, or SANITY!… as well as allowing myself the time to grow my potential (as I always wanted) and to indulge myself … the idea that you can just focus on 1 thing alone for the whole day is bad, it lead to depression even when the thing you do is enjoyable! somehow just doing things you enjoy can't cure depression!… We need a balanced lifestyle like we do need a balanced diet.

    8. "Thinking individualistically correlates very strongly with depression & anxiety" – excellent talk by Johann Hari. Loneliness

      Everybody is lonely.
      Even in a crowd. 
      Perhaps less when alone,
      and able to make contact with oneself.

      If you don't want to be alone,
      then go spend time with others. 
      Or invite people to your home;
      offer something or give of yourself.

      What do you have to share?
      What have you learnt from life?
      What have you accumulated that you no longer need?
      What can you give away?

      How do you encounter the world?
      Are you here to take or contribute?
      Have you even been able to receive yourself?
      To connect with your own needs?
      Do you have a sense of having something to do?
      Is there something missing from your life?

      Find the motivation to encounter that purpose  in the world,
      and you'll be one of those connected & satisfied,
      With inner meaning and a direction to go in.
      For it is when you connect with yourself,
      that you're no longer lonely.

      Selma Piro October 2017

    9. So how come when Jordan Peterson speaks on matters related to overcoming depression here, the RSA hosts are so keen to disparage him, but for this guy, it's nothing but encouragement? I think I can guess.

    10. I do hope this helps to broaden the debate on our stigmatizing mental (ill) health system that pathologises the individual and places the responsibility on th e person to change their so called unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns the sticking plaster so popular and useful in our neoliberal nightmare

    11. thank you johann & rsa … I think you hv profoundly changed my life — human interaction …. give & take …. awesome ! 🙂

    12. Growing scientific evidence indicates that infections may be at the root of autoimmune disorders. Learn what you can do to effectively remove the infections and heal your autoimmune conditions.

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      In osteoarthritis the joints have bacteria living in the deposits left there.

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    13. Stop eating sugar. The spike of insulin caused by eating refined carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, etc blocks tryptophan from entering your brain.

      What's tryptophan? An amino acid (created as a byproduct of protein consumption which is a part of why protein is important) that is necessary for the creation of melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin being the hormone that allows you to sleep, serotonin is the hormone that makes you happy.

      You might say "Really? I'm supposed to believe that I can't be happy without giving up sugar and eating sufficient protein? Are you saying my deppression isn't real or justified?"

      I understand the arrogance that comes along with me telling anyone that what is their emotional reality (a state of slump, purposelessness, defeat, etc) is perhaps in large part related to diet. Still, I hope someone reading this gives it a try, because the evidence regarding the mental/psychological as well as general health and weight loss benefits of a ketogenic diet (low carb high fat) is incredible.

      I've been doing keto for over a year, feel free to hmu if you have any questions. Lastly, of course depression can often arrise from other reasons caused by the environment around you as well, but that doesn't change the fact that there is something seriously wrong with what we're eating.

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