Unbroken – Motivational Video



Les Brown:
Eric Thomas:
Steve Jobs, Louis Zamperini

Movies: Jobs, Her
Music: confidential music – Arcángel, without being ashamed

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    Unbroken – Motivational Video

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    1. Many a times i failed because i relied on others for motivation, like they could tell me whats in my mind, from someone who failed a bunch, dont waste time wondering why no one is trying to help, yiu have got to do it yourself. No one can make you, you, they can try but most will fail, and if they succeed keep them around, because they cared and they succeeded

    2. This video changed my life forever. Everybody will know my name. Watch out. It’s my time. I know it.

    3. This video really pushed me to the next level. I did not want to do the things I loved all because I was holding my self back. Now I see you can't give up and you have to keep moving forward. Now I love doing the things I love now. Thanks so much for inspiring me and others. 😁😃😄😀😊☺

    4. I was once the National champion windsurfer for the female under 18s squad. I first noticed that something was wrong with my shoulder after receiving my medal. My shoulder dropped I completely dropped to the ground and suddenly this huge amount of pain came and my shoulder froze like it was paralysed. I damaged my joint and took long tears to my muscles and after months of healing and rehab I eventually got back to it but it wasn’t the same I felt like I had to retrain my whole muscles again in just that one arm. I remember being so scared when I’m on a run worried that I’m going to catapult myself so hard that my shoulder will just break. I also do a lot of weightlifting just as a hobby and I messed up on my snatch I dropped the weight completely as soon as it was up over my head I felt like my shoulder caved in I couldn’t move. after my last injury the doctors thought that healing and rehab wouldn’t be able to stabilise my shoulder for long term treatment. So I had a surgery which was said that I wouldn’t be able to lift anything heavy again no matter how hard I trained the only thing they could do was fix part of the joint and try fix the tears but not all tears heal as well as others. This meant I couldn’t windsurf in high winds or carry on with weightlifting. After my operation I got depressed I didn’t leave the house I didn’t speak or see people for awhile I felt like I couldn’t carry on with my sports due to this which being a professional athlete has been my dream from day one. I didn’t get any support from my family they didn’t really understand how much it meant to me I used there negative comments to motivate me I started to train in secret slowly building up with resistance bands and Within a few weeks I wasn’t getting anywhere but at least I was doing something I think that’s what made me carry on was getting up everyday and trying. I was more scared of never doing these sports again than going through all that pain and giving in to what everyone told me. After 8 long months I decided to enter back to the competition again but my request for the level I entered needed a doctors approval to sign me the all clear they kept telling me and telling me that I wouldn’t be able to take it the pain will be too much and I won’t be able to use my shoulder for most of my life I begged them to do tests get second options and al sorts of stuff which they did and I shocked everyone. I had perfect movement and control in my shoulder I could lift almost better than what my record was. I explained what I did and how I did it and a good friend to me put her arm around me and said I knew you could do it it felt like a huge weight lifted from me. I entered and I might not have csme in the top 5 but I was happy and that’s what really mattered. Deep down it’s not about other people it’s about you and how you deal with it. Only you know your body better than anyone else. My drive and passion to succeed is what got my through. I now windsurf as a hobby and cut back on competing and focusing on my weightlifting more training hard and getting stronger by the day. I hope I can achieve and succeed in this sport as I did in windsurfing. I will never forget the feeling of what true fear feels like🏋🏻‍♀️.

      If anyone is suffering from a similar experience please feel free to message. Never give up. Listen carefully to these motivations. Dare the impossible and kill it. It’s only half of your mind that can stop you but the rest just needs the drive.

    5. You are the great 👍👍👍 now I'm going to cry what I've done with my life

    6. Cette vidéo m'a fait réfléchir lorsque je l'ai vu il y a un an et elle m'a fait vivre un belle aventure, dans ma vie professionnelle, amoureuse,financièrement et dans le sport.

    7. Yo my best friend just backstabed me and it's really hard going alone if someone else has this struggle and wants someone to support him contact me I would really appreciate, it just comment below

    8. We Live in a world where we are taught to put eachother down and fit into this unrealistic mold of who we are supposed to be! then we are supposed to watch self-help videos like this to try to make ourselves feel better like we actually have a choice or free will? Like it's our fault the world is like this? like it's us who needs to change?? … it's the System that needs to change, we just follow the Rules.. We are your little working Ants, lined up doing exactly what you tell us to do!!!! I'm getting damn sick and tired of all the bullshit, feeling like a prisoner in my own world, walking around on eggshells ..unable to say or do certain things because I might be called out or ridiculed for saying what I feel!! We don't need another motivational Video teaching us that we are Special and Unique, we need EQUALITY FOR ALL! DON'T TEACH US HOW TO GO GET RICH SO WE CAN JOIN IN ON THE UNEQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH AND CONTINUE TO DIVIDE THE PEOPLE WORLD WIDE! GIVE US A VIDEO THAT WILL HELP US UNITE THE PPL SO WE LEARN TO LOVE AND VALUE ONE ANOTHER! THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!!!! We are all Connected, your Pain is my Pain and vice versa! Let's start stepping up to the plate and taking care of the people in our Society who need our help!! LET'S GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ONE ANOTHER INSTEAD OF JUST WORRYING ABOUT OURSELVES AND MAYBE SHIT WILL ACTUALLY START TO CHANGE AROUND HERE! THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THIS WORLD NEED TO START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND CHOICES THEY ARE MAKING AND START INCLUDING EVERYONE AT THE BARGAINING TABLE AND IF THEY CAN'T GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER TO PUT SHIT STRAIGHT THEN THEY WILL BE REQUIRED BY THE PEOPLE'S LAW TO STEP DOWN FROM THEIR POSITION OF POWER AND PUT IT BACK IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAN ACTUALLY SET THINGS STRAIGHT AGAIN!!! WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR LIES AND HYPOCRITICAL MESSAGES!! SO HERE'S ONE FOR YOU!!! GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT SOON OR WE WILL GET IT STRAIGHT FOR YOU AND TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!! THIS IS NOT A THREAT, IT IS A PROMISE!!

      MUCH LOVE,


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    10. When I saw this video I thought oh it’s just an annoying video but when I watched it…it changed me.Before I felt weak and usually hopeless like I didn’t wanna play or go outside or exercise or anything of that matter.The thing I realized is that Your feelings are what hold you back from your goal and pain curses and yells at you like a drill Sargent in a boot camp,And when you get pushed over and your on the ground in pain you can one,”swallow your blood and cry” or two,”spit your blood out and go spill others who get in your way.” Life isn’t hard it’s what stands in your way and that thing that’s standing in your way is yourself. Don’t forget what I told you. Take this as an inspiration to your goals.

    11. I know that my story of how this inspired me is going to be pretty different than those of you who didn't make the Freshman Basketball Team, or skipping your 3 mile run, or becoming sober for 4 months now. Great job everyone, this is my story.

      Ever since seeing the local High School Drumline back when I was in 6th grade, it was my dream to be one of the best drummers in my school district. I started off with next to no self confidence, and was just beating away on a pillow with drumsticks. I started crying one night when I watched a video of the Drumline performing a series of cadences (songs for only drums). The voice inside my head was screaming at me, "You're absolute garbage! You're never gonna make it!" I pulled out my iPod and googled motivational speech because I needed something to pick me up. This video came up, and from that point on, I made it a requirement for me to practice for at least an hour every single day. I begged my parents to get me a practice pad and new sticks, and they did. Two years and hundreds of hours of practice later, I'm in the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band at my middle school. One day as I'm walking out to go home for the summer, my teacher stops me, and says this, "Makai, I mean this honestly, you are one of the best percussionists I've had in any of my bands. You're going to be great someday, never forget that." Thank you Mr. Ragona

      I was in the same situation about 2-3 weeks ago when I was submitting my audition for the Drumline I was aspiring to join. I had to submit a video audition, playing some quite difficult music that was thrown at me. I was very hesitant on submitting. Once I did, I had no idea what was going to happen. And I found out 2 days ago that I made it in.

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